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Covid-19 & pre-existing conditions


Hi all,

With recent news on BBC , has anyone started working from home already as this is the advise for older or anyone with pre-existing conditions.

Also anyone still going to hospital for appointments.

I’ve my hospital appointment booked end of this month and I’m not sure if I want to go .

Any advise on what measures you guys are taking ? My last platelet count was 149.

Thank you


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I went to the hospital this week for my appointment, I was informed by my consultant that my next appointment in 3 weeks time may well be by phone as they are trying to prevent any immunosuppressed patients attending and having to sit in clinics.

Shielz in reply to Kazpig1

Thank you 🙏🏽

Anthonyh7 in reply to Kazpig1

Yes I imagine that may happen more as things unravel. It really is something which will change by the day I guess. We just have to be sensible, and take care.

I can understand that they may wish to cut down the frequency of folk like us immune suppressed people having to visit the hospital. It makes sense until things settle down a bit, although being immune suppressed we are vulnerable all the time .

Luckily I am able to work from home so that is a real stroke of good fortune for me anyway.

I am having weekly blood tests at the hospital currently and have had to do so since Feb 6th when I had a plummet in platelet count to 8. Only 2 weeks before that I was at 132.

Anyway platelet count has now climbed to 178, 2 days ago, so great on that front. They have been normal since Feb 13th actually so I am grateful.

With any hospital visits I am always wary and plan well ahead. So the usual approach for me is to make sure I avoid touching anything, use hand gel/sanitiser regularly before, during and after the visit, avoid getting too close to anyone. Have a handkerchief ready to cover nose and mouth if anyone else in the room/vicinity coughs or sneezes. Be aware of where it is busy, get into a quieter part.

It is tricky but I try to get in and out of the hospital as fast as possible. Just don't linger. I have noticed that for the last 4 weeks the blood test clinic has been pretty empty so I have had virtually no waiting and very few people.

I think the basic message of it all is to focus on hygiene, avoiding crowds, using hand gels, washing hands regularly and avoid touching any surfaces which may be infected. Also avoid touching your face, nose, mouth, eyes.

The following link I found useful -

Best wishes and good luck.

Shielz in reply to Anthonyh7

Thank you 🙏🏽

Anthonyh7 in reply to Shielz

The other thing that has just occurred to me is to avoid using anything that someone else has used. Sounds crazy but think of someone borrowing a pen, or anything that has been handled by someone else.

Wash hands or use gel after touching anything like that because you just don't know. We have to be so careful.

Also key boards, phones, screens... we touch all these things all the time.

The following link from the Platelet Disorder Support Association just released to day is also very helpful -

Shielz in reply to Anthonyh7

Do you think the herd immunity will work on us those with ITP?

Anthonyh7 in reply to Shielz

I doubt it to be honest. We just keep on , keeping on !!!

I've got my hospital appointment this thurs I've been going every week as my platelets not been best and finding dose for new tablets but not sure if this week they'll spread out appointments- I cant work from home either so still being going into work and just taking all the precautions I can! X

Look after yourself. This tough times will pass us.

You too! Yeah gotta remain positive and I'm sure it will all pass soon! X

This week my platelets have dropped to 24 from 93 only last week 🙈🙁 but I have now been allowed to work from home starting Monday. But still determined to remain positive that this will pass soon and feel better that I can at least work from home now. Hope everyone is keeping safe! X

That’s good news. Yeah I started working from home since Friday. Let’s hope for the best and our immune system will be strong to fight this virus.

By the way eat a lot of chick peas, papayas, Vitamins B12 & folate acid

Spinach , Asparagus, Beans , Oranges, Pomegranate , Raisins , Broccoli, Beets, Kidney beans , Nuts ,Yoghurt, Papaya , Avocado , Cod liver oil, Dried apricots , Carrots..

These helped me boost my platelets. No kidding.

Thanks! I do eat quite alot of that stuff but good to keep in mind 👍 xx

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