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I can send you Papaya Leaves


I can send you papaya leaves free by courier, to whatever part of world service is available. You will have to pick up only the vourier charges. Why am l offering this?

My Son, 24, has ITP, had dropped to 70 K, post hepatitis, you can check my earlier posts here. We, me & wife, walked, ate and lived on fire, until we found from this group, he is OK, can live normally. He is mercifully above 125 k levels now.

I had a serious bout of dengu 18 months back, my platelets came down to 37 k, took papaya juice along with rest on Doctors advise, counts came back to normal in 7 days. Could be natural course of the disease helped by Pappaya juice. I have seen many people with Dengue getting back to normal counts quickly. I think it works, empericsl evidence. I worked in pharma marketing for 35 years.

Don't know complications of sending leaves by courier, some countries like New Zealand does not allow it. Need to find out more.

We do lots of social work with special children too as we feel it's time to give back to a generous world which helped us succeed in our careers. We are semi retired, live in Palakkad, Kerala India.


WA number 09898545666


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I'm from the USA and I'd be interested in trying this...if you could find out approximate cost and definite regulations...what an amazing gesture...thank you! 😊

ramkya in reply to EatPrayLove65

Will check that tomorrow with DHL or such international courier & see if they have option of "collect". Will also check about regulatiins. Rest of the stuff, leaves, packing etc are small things relatively.

EatPrayLove65 in reply to ramkya

Thank you so very much...I would gladly reimburse for packing and such...

ramkya in reply to EatPrayLove65

Searching options....wiil come back to you.

ramkya in reply to ramkya


As per courier information, plants and leaves are in the prohibited list.

However my quest continues to see if in the US somebody is farming Papayas, they would be wasting the leaves.

Hi, I am from Latvia(Europe). So nice of you. I'd love to get them too.

Just I have read about papaya leaves juice.

I'm always amazed at the kindness and generosity of some people like yourselves. I too have ITP and have tried everything including the Papaya leaf tea. No fresh leaves available in California. I also tried some capsules, the name of which I forgot, but they ( the caps) were sent to me free of charge by the manager of the company that manufactured them in India. He was so very kind that he wouldn't allow me to pay for the postage. Unfortunately neither the Papaya leaf tea or the capsules worked for me.

Just last week I found a medical doctor who has developed an herbal formula to treat ITP. It's pricey, but I'm going to try it. If it works I will post all the information on this site. I wish you and all the kind helpers out there the very best. Peace!

There is no scientific evidence that papaya leaves and or juice

normalize platelet counts in ITP patients, normal range = 150-450 thousand. Have a good day:) Georgia

How very generous of you. I also would be interested in receiving papaya leaves although I don't know how to prepare them. I live in Canada and do not know if plant material can be imported. I have been taking papaya leaf extract from an American company called Herbal Papaya and believe it to be beneficial (although expensive). I have come across medical studies confirming this.

Hai All, My post to send leaves is to help those it can. I have 35 years of teaching, training & research background in Pharmaceutical industry & believe in evidence based medicine. However, l am open enough to admit that alternative medicine has wonderful cures from plant extracts. Digitslis, woncristine are just a few examples. I know from empericsl evidence does improve platelet counts.

Checked with DHL, the won't accept international pavkets withplants & leaves.

If it's just one or two for patients abrosd the costs do not matter to me, but l know requests would spiral out, costs would mount and hence my request to meet only courier costs, we have papaya a plenty where l live. I have sent it to Indian patients free, domestic courier costs are low.

CA & Hawaii are places in US with papaya cultivation, have sent mails to farms there for information on papaya leaves for ITP patients. My quest continuescontinues, will update if there's a way.

Papaya leaves juice is good in dengue and other fever viruses , but it can b harmful in.ITP case because it also raise your WBC , I have tried this for my son and his platelets was 15 k and wbc was 74 by taking papaya leaves juice for 7 days.

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