Mum to itp sufferer

Hi , my 9 year old son was diagnosed with ITP back in May.After an emotional rollercoaster of endless appointments and tests we are all learning to accept this crazy thing as part of our lives.

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  • Hi , my brother was dignosed three months ago. We are also really worried for him. I guess its same for all people with Itp. Every week same tests. We hope that his plt count will increase but it stays the same.

  • Yes its just a waiting game, seeing what the next test says. At least I am not wrapping him up i n cotton wool now, he needs to feel he can live his life and if i keep calm he feels better.

  • Yes its same for our family too . Now we let things just happen normally because my brother has different mood swings if he sees that we are worried for him. Today my mother did a test for his throat and the lab results showed that he has a bacteria-streptococcus pyogenes. Again same worries . We dont know if he can use antibiotics :(. His pediatrician i guess will found whats the best treatment for him. I hope he will through this easily

  • Aw I hope it works out ok for you all, it just makes everything more of a worry. My son had very severe tonsilitis a couple of months back got antibiotics to clear it up and bounced back amazingly well. Will hear how it goes.

  • thank you . I hope that antibiotics will have a good effect on my brother too.

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