I find itp is leaving me exhausted I just want to rest working full time is getting to be a issue I feel there is a alien in my body in some respect there is I am trying to keep upbeat and positive as I know I am lucky in so many ways finding that draining too :)

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  • I felt drained a lot last year and I think we all do in occasions

  • Various ideas are out there vitamins and holistic approaches keep reaching out

  • Hi, I feel exhausted too but vitamin B and vitamin D definitely help. I've also just started the diet for your blood type as recommended on the PDSA website - there's also lots of other advice on there. I do feel better from cutting out wheat and sugar. If you're in the UK, and depending on how long you've had ITP, it can be classed as a long-term condition which is covered by the disability discrimination act, which means your employer has to make reasonable adjustments for you. I know that's not as easy as it sounds. I work from home most days now because of it - but my job and employer allows me to do that.

  • I have looked up lots of information regarding itp and diet the list goes on just the thought of more food changes has me running for the hills : ) I have had itp 8 months now my bone marrow biopsy confirmed this ...... work has been very good regarding my invisible illness : ) I work in a fast paced retail environment in parts it is myself itp has a hold I have to listen to my body and it is saying "hey you slow down " my consultant and hemotologist are good I think they now feel I should start looking at options to make me feel somewhat better I am happy with weekly bloods I bruise so easily it is their worry I guess I can sit and watch bruises appear : ) I keep it lighthearted because some days I want to scream so hard explaining why you feel as you do this forum has helped Thank you : )

  • It helps to do some yoga or meditation

  • I have been exhausted for four years now despite decent counts, and I am going out of my mind. The fatigue is corroding every aspect of my life, and none of my doctors have any advice. I don't know what to do at this point.

  • 4 years : ( such a long time I am struggling at 8 months i agree fatigue plays a huge part my whole body aches it is a vicious circlet when you need to sleep I find I cannot due to the fact my joints ache hopefully one day we will have the answers we do crave may have a long with though : l

  • I know the feeling diagnosed about a year ago , ended up seeing a rheumatologist, who initially said it due to hormones and menopause. however I thought it is down to the medication as never had any problems before and post menopause . I am taking 1000mg of Mycophenolate per day .

    I've been prescribed 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine per day which took a few weeks to kick in , but the aches and pains are nowhere like they used to be , can actually turn around in bed.

  • Looking at medication for me next so all being well i have to go to opicians my right eye going blurry it may not be linked but my hematologist said to get my eyes tested just to rule it out can be a worry as I only have partial sight in left eye but hey ho as I also say living and learning with itp : )

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