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I try to be positive and acknowledge that ITP isn't the worst thing that could happen... but right now I'm cheezed off!

I've had a head cold for a week and my body has given up. The cold symptoms are bad enough... but my body feels as though lead has been poured into it. I've spent the last two days in bed... sleeping and resting... in a vain hope it would do some good. But alas... still feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Was supposed to be going away for the weekend. Plans now cancelled...

Totally and utterly fed up...

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  • hope u get well soon . try papaya .its helpful

  • I also need to remind myself worst things could have happened to me. ITP SUCKS! But you're alive and we will find a solution... I hope you feel better soon!!

  • ITP surely sucks. I also have RA, but am able to keep the inflammation markers down, at present RA factor is 60, from 220, without any drugs. Just by strictly following an anti inflammatory diet. Have been following one for the past year. Taking papaya leaf tablets for ITP. But count has suddenly dropped below 30 k and bleeding too. Don't understand what triggered this drop. Can't take drugs for RA, as it reduces my platelet count drastically. Got ITP after Yellow Fever Vaccine.

    I will say it again. ITP sucks.

  • Sounds totally miserable for you. Horrible when ITP gets in the way of plans. I'm currently recovering from bronchitis and been on bed rest for last two weeks. Turned the corner yesterday. Thought it would never come! I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself for a bit, it's ok to moan about it! Especially when plans get mucked up. I hope the rest pays off soon. That heavy feeling is horrid. Stay tucked up, move TV / DVD into room and have some box set wallowing. Do warm/hot baths help the heaviness? They do for me. Cyber get well wishes and positive vibes for your immune system getting back on track.

  • That stinks sorry about that

    Hope you feel better soon

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