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Papaya leaf juice for ITP.. it works!!!


My daughter was suffering from chronic ITP since age of less than a year(1989) with platelet count around 60,000-50,000 and was resistant to steroid and similar treatment. Acute condition with platelet less than 10,000 was a recurring phenomena.

In 2009, I gave her few drops of fresh papaya leaf neat juice and her platelet count increased from 10,000 to 14000 ( single dose) !!! After a year it was repeated and now, today her platelets are above 200,000.

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that is great i think i should try this for my wife she had ITP diagnosed 1 year ago lets see if this help her


Great to hear that this seems to have worked for your daughter. However, we would recommend that before any ITP sufferer takes any alternative medicines, herbal or other remedies they discuss it in full with their ITP specialist or doctor. Sadly there is absolutely no scientific evidence or research to suggest that Papaya Leaf Extract does have any lasting, positive impact on the Platelet count.

Rafiq in reply to AnthonyHeard

Hello Anthony, about seven month ago, you made a similar point about a lack of scientific support for the idea that papaya leaf extract "have any lasting positive impact on platelet count". I disagreed with you then and I cited 1 scientific paper on the subject from the University of Colombo. What you do not mention, is that no conventional medicine, for example, steroid, Rituximab, Romiplostim, Eltrombopag "have any lasting positive impact on platelet count". Good as they are, they all provide short term remission for ITP patients. Now that Dr Drew Provan has explained that there is a 20 to 50% chance that ITP is genetic, (ITP Convention 2016), he has told us something which we did not know before. Papaya leaf extract is a new idea, which conventional people are apprehensive about. Not to be too pedantic about this, the History of Science is littered with examples of how new ideas are sometime summarily rejected; Galileo, Darwin, Freud...Like conventional medicine, papaya leaf extract works for some patients and not others. This is why more research is desperately needed before it can be rejected. If, and that's a big "if", it does work, we will not have to expose our bodies to foreign chemicals, produced by multinational pharmaceutical companies and it could save the NHS (UK) a small fortune in its budget which is in excess of £100b.

Best Wishes


AnthonyHeardAdministrator in reply to Rafiq

I'm sorry to say you are not quite correct regarding Dr Provan. He did NOT say that ITP is 20 to 50 per cent genetic. What he said was that up to 50per cent of the cause of ITP in an ITP patient is genetic BUT that in itself does not mean that the person will go on to develop ITP. The remaining 50 per cent comes from environmental, medical or drug related causes. So the potential for ITP to actually develop in any of us is 50 per cent down to our genes BUT just because we have that genetic make up it doesn't mean we will inevitably develop ITP. The other 50 per cent of contributory factors have to occur too for ITP to develop... Ie our immune systems react incorrectly to a virus, medicine, vaccine or environmental factors possibly like stress, illness, etc.

clear67 in reply to AnthonyHeard

Papaya leaf juice has been proven to increase platelets in a number of studies with no ill effects. The mainstream doctors do not do these types of natural treatments- only what the pharmaceutical companies are giving them as treatments. We asked the hematologist if there was anything we could do for my husband and were told “no”. He did 5 days of freshly juiced papaya leaves (1.5TB - two times per day) and his platelets are continuing to rise. Currently at 186!

avk123 in reply to clear67

Can I know how u make the juice of papaya leaves.... Plss let me know... I'm an ITP patient suffering from one year..... And I havr to know it to raise my platelet count

clear67 in reply to avk123

I rinsed and dried fresh papaya leaves. Cut out the stems and large veins. Then I put the leaves through a wheat grass juicer. Very little juice comes from these leaves. I juiced twice- each time I made enough for 2.5 days.

Then I measured 25ml (approx 1.5 tablespoons) into separate cups and covered them and refrigerated them. He would drink one in the morning and one in the evening. After drinking he would put water in the cup to get the residue stuck in the cup and drink the water.

It was more simple than I actually thought it would be.

His counts continue to rise and last blood test he was at 226!

I read about a study they did w/ papaya leaf juice and mice that it affected the two genes that control the production of platelets. One gene measured 15x the activity than the mice in the control group and the other gene measured 13.4x the activity. It was a very effective treatment for my husband.

Canuck901 in reply to clear67

I drinking papaya juice is also extremely beneficial for platelets.

Go to your local grocery store and peel and run through a juicier . Fresh papaya juice is extremely healthy

mhalp in reply to clear67

what kind of papaya leaf extract are you using?

clear67 in reply to mhalp

I did not use the extract. I put fresh papaya leaves through a juicer and some juice came out. This is what my husband took.

But I know some people buy the extract- I’m not sure where.

wjoyful in reply to AnthonyHeard

Worked for me when nothing else did

Yes as any other ITP medicines, papaya leaf extract might also work for some and not for others. because even i had tried it in raw juice form 4 yrs back and it didn't work for me. Then a year back a tried it in tablet form also but neither it did. But no harm in trying everyone as its completely natural.

If only it were so simple that something would work for all of us. Papaya did not work for me. I tried the capsules and the tea (nasty tasting stuff). Glad it worked for your daughter.

It also hasn't worked for me. I've been taking the extra and tea.


All we are saying is.... Don't take anything without discussing it in full with your ITP specialist. What irks for one person may of course not work for another but it is always best to discuss anything you are thinking of taking with your ITP specialist first. I actually asked Dr Provan about papaya leaf extract at the recent ITP Convention and he simply said is wishful thinking to suggest it would help.

it works for me. I went from the 50ths to 187 in one year. Along with lots of green vegetables and supplements.

The problem is...we have talked to our daughter's hematologist about it and he had no clue about papaya extract. Neither did her naturopath. But she had a platelet count below 10k for over a year, aged nine to ten. She is considered chronic. So I got tired of being constantly worried and IVIG didn't work. We knew a child her age with ITP who died from a brain bleed. Very scary. Steroids worked short term for her, about a month. Not ready to mess with her bone marrow using Promacta or possible fatal reactions from Rituximab, so we decided a natural route. First, we started her on a no dairy, no gluten, AIP diet. She was at 4k in February, she went up slowly to 29k by the end of May. We also added fresh beets, kale and cucumbers to her daily diet, plus bone broth, prebiotics and collagen powder. We started papaya extract the first week of June, (1/4 tsp a day ) and acupuncture the second week of June. She went from AIP diet to more of a Paleo approach and we have added pea protein milk to her daily diet. She takes a blood support supplement every day. She had a platelet count of 48k two days ago, so a 44k jump since Feb. and a 21k jump in the last month. No meds. Unless papaya extract is a med. Not sure what has done this as we were not scientific about it totally...we did not add one thing at a time, as we were just desperate to get her above 10k. But this explains maybe why we don't always check with the provider. They don't always know. And they did not help my daughter get to this higher count.

How are things today? long term? I heard that these work at first then fail.

My hemo says, whatever you eat doesn't matter..!! As long as something is natural, it's okay to try.. When we are exposing ourselves to such a bad side effects of Steroids, nothing wrong in trying these side-effects free remedies..

What dosage and product of papaya leaf did you use?

I have heard that this works but where am I able to get fresh papaya leaf juice - I live in canada?

sharroN42 in reply to CIN1201

I have bought some through Amazon but their already steep price trebled so I buy directly from the highly certified producer (non GMO, organic, etc.), Herbal Papaya in the US -- look them up online. Costs me $100 CD per 16 oz. bottle when I buy a case of 12. Expensive but I believe it works.

clear67 in reply to CIN1201

I bought fresh papaya leaves from a greenhouse in Florida and juiced them with a wheat grass juicer.

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