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What type of exercise is everyone doing? I find it hard to fit in with family & work - just looking for inspiration

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Hi again, Just seen this post! From my point of view the best type of exercise is the one that you will keep doing and that fit's nicely into your lifestyle. The iPrescribe Exercise App gives you a detailed prescription that builds you up from low levels of exercise to the level that's best for your health.

Me personally, I have built up to walking briskly 15 minutes to the train station in the morning and 15 minutes home in the evening. I also do like jogging, but don't always do as much as I'd like. However, I know that even if I do nothing else, I get my 30 minutes of exercise a day just by walking to the station. That way I'm not too hard on myself if I don't get to go jogging.

I think the key is to embed the exercise into your routine. This could also be also by setting it into a social outing.

What's everyone else doing? I'd love to hear some stories!


I like swimming, been for a 30 mins swim today, felt great after! ๐Ÿ˜Š