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Help for 54 year old starting exercise programme to avoid diabetes!


I am a 54 year old office manager and until recently my only exercise involved a trip to the coffee machine at work. I had been feeling quite tired so I decided to see my doctor for a check up who suggested a blood test. I was horrified to be told I had pre-diabetes and I was likely to develop type 2 diabetes if I didn't improve my lifestyle. I have been doing lots of research since then and I was really happy to find this app as I now know that I have to increase my physical activity levels. The app is good, I think it is nice that the programme starts very gradually (I am currently in week 2 and my programme asks me to complete 4 x 15 mins low intensity exercise this week). My problem is motivation!! After work I am so tired I just want to sit in front of the tv. Is there anyone else out there finding it difficult to get started?? Does anyone have any suggestions to help with this? I'd be grateful for any advice/inspiration.

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Thanks for the post and glad you've got the App and are ready to get going! It must have been a shock to be told you had pre-diabetes, but the good news is, there is plenty you can do about it. Certainly getting active and modifying your diet has been shown to be more effective than medication in preventing the progression to Type 2 diabetes.

I'm glad you like the App. It's been designed to give you the correct level and progression of exercise for your circumstances. You do too much at the start, because over doing things and finding it too hard is one of the biggest ways people lose motivation. Remember to follow the exercise intensity guidelines as well, as this is important.

As for finding motivation, finding the activity that suits you is important. Also, I find that finding ways programme around my daily activities really works - remember, you don't have to do the activity all in one go. You could get off the bus a stop earlier before and after work, or go for a 10minute walk at lunchtime and before you know it, it's done! Also, the home aerobics programme which is built in to the App is good, especially in winter.

I would be really keen to hear how others have got the motivation to start and continue with a physical activity programme.

Finally, I'd be really happy if you'd keep us informed of your progress. We are currently running a couple of pilot studies to see how the App is working for people. I'll send you a personal message about this.

If you still check your app I would be interested to hear how you are doing. Your story is pretty much exactly like mine. I'm a 50 yr old office manager and my behind is chair shaped! 😆 I too have the pre diabetes and struggle with energy and motivation. Every time I seem to be on the right track and start seeing improvements in energy levels with consistent exercise, I get sidetracked and end up back at the bottom of the barrel. It gets difficult to keep starting over.

I've begun a list of activities I'd like to try and just random things I'd like to do. It's a little bit of a motivator to look at the list and check something off now and then.

I'm curious to know what sort of motivators others use.