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Concerns about taking meds


Hi, I'm HIV+ undetectable for almost 2 years now, recently I went for one of my regular checks, where I found that my viral load was lower than my previous results, and I was informed that on my next visit, if my viral load hadn't returned to the level it was I may be put onto meds. Needles to say that worried me quite a lot, as I don't know what meds id be taking, how many, possible side effects etc

So if anyone out there has had the same experience or has any advice, I'd appreciate it.


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You may be a little confused. Viral load (VL) dropping is a good thing! Maybe you mean CD4 count? If that drops that may mean you need to start meds. Here in the UK I've been +ve and on meds for nearly a year. Triume,q if it matters. Within a month of taking this my VL dropped like a stone to undetectable levels and my last CD4 reading was 880 which the doctor said was excellent. I don't regret starting meds. A few side effects but nothing major.