• grassdiabetes


    If there is blood glucose levels higher than normal in your blood, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed due to absence of active symptoms. but the hormone insulin which is used for sugar maintenance in blood is imbalanced because of blood continue reading

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  • hope1988


    hi all, Im in a predicament and need some advice.hope someone can help... Iv been to see consultant for ivf on monday, and got some feedback. As i have 3 continue reading

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  • jlmackenzie


    As some women on this site know, i run a very successful blog about endometriosis. I am 22 years old and am stage 3..almost stage 4 and tonight topic was infertility. I just wanted to share the link to my blog because lately i have seen a lot of continue reading

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  • 5643


    Betahcg value is 16 what shuld ldo continue reading

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  • jlmackenzie


    As some women on this site know, i run a very successful blog about endometriosis. I am 22 years old and am stage 3..almost stage 4 and tonight topic was infertility. I just wanted to share the link to my blog because lately i have seen a lot of continue reading

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  • inspiredconceptions

    Infertility Summit

    Hello ladies, Just spotted this event taking place in the next few days with some interesting panelists and experts talking about various ways of overcoming fertility. I believe all calls will be recorded so even if it is too late in the continue reading

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  • Hilariew930

    IVF for infertility

    Does anyone know if this procedure is safe for us with APS/ Hughes? I'll be talking to a Dr., but curious if anyone has any experience? Thank you!! H continue reading

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  • Georgina78

    Infertility counselling

    Hi ladies My husband and I are due to start our first IVF cycle in January (all being well, my blood pressure can be a problem which they're monitoring so fingers continue reading

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  • Juliatom

    Infertility with hypothyroidism

    Iam 37 years old suffering from hypothyroidism with infertility. Waiting for consultant first appointment.I am taking 50mcg thyroxin, seven seas trying for baby .Is there any... continue reading

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  • jess1981

    Coping with infertility POPULAR

    Hi ladies I'm sorry this is gonna be a rubbish post.. I thought I was pregnant this month coz my period was late but yesterday and today I've had some spotting and now feel my period is about to rear it's ugly head. I am so heartbroken I can't continue reading

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  • Wishful2013

    Infertility and PCOD

    Hi I am 30 years of age(going to be 31 soon). We are trying for baby since 2010. First time I conceived on first cycle but miscarried in Feb 2011.It was a twin pregnancy. Tried again in Jan2012 and miscarried in march 2012. This time there continue reading

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  • Northy81

    Infertility - treatment?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with APS by Professor Reagan at St Mary's after 4 miscarriages. I found it difficult to even get pregnant each time, and have been trying again now for 7 months. Has any one had any problems falling pregnant and do you have any continue reading

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  • scared

    Will I be infertile ?

    I am 36 and had endo for about 4 years, and just been told I have endo cysts on my left ovary. They put me on the pil for 4 months, no stop week, and after I will have to try for a baby. Is there any indication how long it takes for endo to make continue reading

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  • nishassa

    ITP and infertility

    I am from india and having ITP from my childhood and now i am 34 years of age. we are married since 14 years and me afraid of going for infertility treatment. when we consulted doctor she told me that its a rare disease found in Middle east continue reading

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  • KateDonovan13

    Infertile at 40

    Hello everyone. My story is a bit unusual as I didn't know I had Endo until I was about 37 when I spent a night in a & e with severe abdominal pain. I am lucky enough to live near the manchester royal infirmary which has specialist endometriosis continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Absolute infertility ?!?

    Hi all, Driving myself mad here a little bit. So bit of background. I have endometriosis been diagnosed for about 8 years now. Had four laparoscopy and this is my seventh round of prostrap. My consultant has said he won't operate again until I See post

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  • me08

    Endometriosis & Infertility

    Hi all, I have only just been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis after a 1st laparoscopy this month 05/08. I have been battling infertility for over 3yrs now with a low FSH. Doctors were meant to remove the endo during surgery but they didn't. continue reading

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  • Belle-7-

    UnExplained infertility???

    Anyone been in the same situation or anyone waiting for IVF . Thank you continue reading

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  • everab

    Infertility and lupus

    I am 32 years old, I have Lupus and I recently move to London with my husband. We also recently discover that my husband has fertility issues (bad sperm quality) and we'll have to use in vitro assistance to get pregnant. I was just wondering if continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Infertility depression?!

    Hey girlies, Hope the day is treating you well. So I've been watching a lot of tv recently with being at home mostly and I've been getting really down and depressed I guess you could say. Although its good that infertility is having awareness See post

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  • Tinkerbell89

    Infertility process

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have just had my 1st appointment at the infertility clinic and advised I need to get a laparoscopy to make sure there is no blockage in my tubes. Is there any sort of time frame for when you actually continue reading

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  • Kayhold

    Infertility and Behcets

    Sorry for the TMI. Did anyone have infertility issues caused by the awful cervical mucus that comes with Behcets continue reading

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  • Kissesfromthesun

    Infertility- annovulation

    Hey diagnosed last year with endo and had several cysts on overies removed. Struggling to fall pregnant. Had test results back today from day 21 progesterone and came back annovulation. My husband had his sperm results back and he has high continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Infertility pack???

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of an infertility pack, as my gp has recently sent a referal to the local GH and instead of an appointment with a dr i have been told i... See post

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  • Iris32

    Endometriosis. Infertility. Prolactin

    Hi. After trying to conceive for the past 6 years I visited my GP in 2011 I was referred for several blood tests and told I had high levels of prolactin and because of this I would never get pregnant. I was upset at this but was never told there continue reading

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  • Becci86

    Does prostap cause infertility?

    Hi, I'm really confused I had endo removed earlier this year and still in pain my gyno now suggests prostap injection, does it only temp stop your ovaries working? Doesn't stop all together? I asked him do they completely stop working and he said continue reading

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  • SusanS

    Request for help with Infertility Feature

    We have received the following request to take part in a feature on dealing with infertility which will help raise awareness of the difficult issues encountered when friends become pregnant - something most of us have experienced. I am looking continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Can levothyroxine cause infertility?

    Can't get pregnant, been taking 150mcg now for 18 years and been trying for a baby for over 3 years See post

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  • Hidden

    Infertility and Hughes syndrome

    Hello My name is Anabella and I'm 37. I've had 3 miscarriages and it took a long long time to conceive. Does any of you ladies know whether Hughes Syndrome causes difficulties in falling pregnant? I feel like time is running out for me See post

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  • TK83

    Infertility after loss

    This is my first blog post so I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 28 years old and have PCOS. After trying to conceive for over a year, I was very fortunate to get pregnant naturally with a beautiful baby girl but sadly she was stillborn due continue reading

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