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Detailed information about Glaucoma types and treatment

Detailed information about Glaucoma types and treatment

Glaucoma is deadly eye disorders that contribute vision loss due to the damage of optic nerve. The main function of optic nerve to carries the information from the eye to your processor (brain). In the initial stage there are no symptoms of glaucoma and mostly experienced by the old aged people. Increased pressure in the eyes is medically termed as ocular hypertension. Prolonged untreated glaucoma condition associated with peripheral vision loss and can leads to the permanent blindness. There are millions of people around the world are affected by common type of glaucoma known as Open-angle glaucoma.

It is hard for people to start medical treatment for glaucoma due to the no early symptoms. It is cleared that glaucoma is a 2nd leading eye disorder that leads to the permanent blindness in the US.

Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is medically categories in to two types “open-angle glaucoma and narrow angle glaucoma”. The most common type of glaucoma is open-angle glaucoma but here I am going to explain about the other types of glaucoma.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma

Normal-tension glaucoma

Secondary glaucoma (Pigmentary glaucoma, Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma)

Diagnosis of Glaucoma

An eye specialist is used a Tonometer to measure IOP (intraocular pressure). There are many eye drops are used to control the growth of the glaucoma but before the use of these drops you need to approach a professional physician. Here is the detailed information about the eye drop that prescribed by the doctor to reverse the glaucoma known as Bimatoprost eye drop.

This eye solution is tested and verified by the professionals to beat different types of glaucoma. This liquid monitoring the pressure inside the eyes and preserve your vision by controlling fluid inside that puts pressure on optic nerve. Bimatoprost eye drop not only lower the pressure but also remove swelling caused by glaucoma. This eye drop is manually recommended by doctors to both men and women. It is a medical safe solution that already used by millions of people around the world. But still you need to be careful if you are dealing with health complications like kidney disorder, breathing issues, liver problems etc.

It is possible to experience mild side effects of bimatoprost like other drops such as dry eyes, watery eyes, dizziness, headache etc. In case of allergy, you need to consult with physician immediately. It is necessary to remove contact lenses if you want to use this eye drop. Apart from that, pregnant women and breastfeeding women need to consult with doctors before the use of this solution.

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I have narrow angle closure Glaucoma , 3rd generation in my family. Do you have more information about this please 👀