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Recovering slowly.

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Hi everyone, I am recovering from 8 weeks in icu. Somewhere I'm sure none of us ever imagined being. I'm making a good recovery but did not realise how long it would take to get back to normal. I'm still weak and in some discomfort but considering where I was I know I've come a long way!

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If you want to talk to other patients who have been through the same experience then you can join one of the ICUsteps zoom support groups. ICUsteps Chester have one tonight at 7:30 with a guest speaker on sleep. Message me if you would like the login

Hi 🙋‍♀️ I’m 8 weeks home after 6 weeks on Critical Care (4 weeks in a coma/on a ventilator). I have progressive multiple sclerosis so I’d been ill for over 12 years before I contacted Covid19. My major symptom with MS has always been fatigue 😖 I never sleep less than 10 hours a day. Since I’m home from hospital(8 weeks now) I’m surviving on 5 hours Max!! Sleep per day?? I just can’t understand how?

I too am struggling with a lot less sleep than before I got ill. Some days I'm getting by on 2 or 3 hours sleep. Some days I feel tired and I ache badly. Other days I don't feel tired at all.

I know?? I just can’t understand how I’m getting by on it? You’d expect it to catch up with me? I’m not complaining like 👍 it’s not like I’m shattered but have insomnia so can’t sleep 💤 it’s just that I don’t seem to need it?

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Covid affect the nervous system this is probably why 🤔

Hi guys, I am 12 months on from being in a covid coma, the first 5 months I lived on 3 hours maximum and I was so frustrated thinking that my recovery would never get back to normal on the lack of sleep. I kept beating myself up over it but looking back i was fine and my body adapted so what I am trying to say in my experience is try forget about the hours you sleep and focus on 1 more positive step that you are struggling with today that you will conquer tomorrow or the next day. I was struggling with my shoulders whilst sleeping after being proned, I have had my second dose of cortisone in both shoulders which relieves the pain, again it I would of realised this 3 months after discharge I would of had the injections at an earlier stage. Stay positive and keep batting on. It will be a long hard struggle mentally and physically but you can do it. You are a warrior for getting this far and getting home. stay strong

Thank you for your encouragement. I am feeling a mixed bag of emotions! From guilt at putting family/friends through so much worry to frustration at not getting back to normal faster. But you are right, I can do this. After all, I have been given another chance at life, so i intend making the best of it.


Stays in ICU effect us all differently. I was sedated and ventilated for just under 2 months and remained in ICU for a further few weeks. My recovery is slow but progresses. Now 14 months later I am physically stronger but not back to as I was before, mentally I cope much better on most days and as far as sleep is concerned it’s not consistent or good.

I joined ICUStepsChester in June 2020, they via zoom support people from all over the country. There are weekly exercise classes including yoga all at various levels, a drop in for relatives and a further drop in for all in a Thursday evening.

Yes its a long haul. I was in ICU for 14 weeks. I came out of hospital care in November last year, but still off work for at least another 2 months.

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