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Weaning dad off of vent

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Hey guys. So they are currently in the weaning process for my dad. Yesterday and today they have tried c-pap mode on ventilator. He got anxious and started breathing fast yesterday, so we couldn’t do it. They’re also bridging his sedation. They are slowly getting him off the one that keeps him very sedated and this other will be a milder sedation. They tried him on c-pap mode again this morning. They said he stayed on it a little longer than yesterday, but started breathing fast again. So, they said this morning that they have ordered an anxiety medication. Has anyone else had a family member like this or has anyone personally experienced this?

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Sure. It’s just one of those things, it takes time. Even when I was off sedation I didn’t come round. We are all different and it dies take time to start recovering.

Ok! Thanks for your reply. I’ve been saying I know everyone is different and the good Lord works differently with everyone, however, I like to hear other stories. It helps for sure! Thanks again!

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Did you start to breathe fast at first, when trying to go to cpap mode?

I don’t know without reading my notes but I expect so as my blood pressure & heart rate were up and down. Also I had one infection after another and frequent drains and antibiotics

Don’t worry - the weaving process is always precarious - one step forward, two back - rarely is it done immediately, first time or without incident.

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Ok, glad to know it’s a normal thing. I hate he’s going though this but glad to know.

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It’s takes a quite few goes when weaning, it’s all normal. My dad was the same.

My dad took 5 weeks to wake from the sedation which was very hard for us, but he eventually did and is now in a recovery ward, waiting for rehabilitation.

Every stage is very slow and hard going, especially for the loved ones.

Think to yourself your dad is going in the right direction, however slow that is, remember what they’ve been through.

Wishing him well.

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Oh my goodness! And yes, that’s very true! Thank you!!

I found weaning off ventilator oxygen very tiring, as I get asthma and sometimes during the night I had to beg nurses to increase the oxygen concentration as I was wheezing badly. I also only found out later that they had put me on anti anxiety medication, so yes it is not unusual as weaning can be an arduous process.

Ok! They started him on fentanyl yesterday. So they are actually going to try and extubate him today. They said they believe he is ready. We’re hoping this will go well. They expect it too, but if not they’ll reintubate. Then they will move to a trach.

good luck with it. Yes I was given a trach, which helped things considerably (except you cannot talk very much afterwards).

You mean after you’re off of it?

It takes time and a few tries. My dad was placed with a trach and then they started weaning

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