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Covid pneumonia. Whose loved one has recovered and come off ventilator?


My mom has been on ventilator for 15 days now. Her x rays were really bad 1 week ago and then suddenly she improved slightly. Her doctor says not a lot though. Since then she’s kinda been the same. No improvement for about 1 week. Her oxygen saturation is good. Although her ventilator oxygen is high (70-85%) she has stable heart rate, pressure etc. At this point we’re told that it’s a waiting period where her lungs can wake up and work or they can get worse and she can potentially die.

I’ve read a lot online about Covid pneumonia and have read that patients have taken months to come off ventilators. I hope I can find some inspiring stories here. I trust God and I know he has heard me. My mom coded and came back. I know he’s working his miracles, but it’s comforting to know that people have survived and that the possibility of her doing so is there.

Thank you.

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Hey Faithful2020

My dad spent 99 days in hospital with Covid, 73 of those were in ITU.

We were told a few times he was unlikely to make it but he has been home now since mid-july and although he still has a long recovery road ahead he is doing well!

Keep the faith and sending your mum postive vibes, she is fighting! 💜

Thank you! I’m very glad your dad is home now. I’m sure you were desperate and in so much pain seeing him like that. Praise the Lord for your beautiful miracle ❤️ I will continue to have faith and keep strong for my mom. Thank you for sharing. Your story gives me Much more hope.

I spent 4 weeks in hospital with a community acquired viral pneumonia/ Covid-19. I was critically ill on ICU for two of those weeks, sedated and on a ventilator. In fact, I had to be intubated three times during this period as each extubation proved unsuccessful. What a nightmare period it was for my loved ones. It’s been a long, hard slog recovering from all this, but some 4 months later and I’m doing reasonably well. Fully independent once again, albeit with not quite the same energy levels! I sincerely hope your mother makes a good recovery too. Thinking of you both and remembering you in prayer.

I’m very glad you were able to overcome this and are now recovering. It’s really hard on us, the family. Some days she’s somewhat stable or not as critical as others. I pray and have faith, but I when receive those calls with “I don’t know that she can make it” it’s so discouraging and so hard to process. I’m very happy to know that stories like yours exist. I Praise the Lord And wish for him to heal my mom as he did to you. Take good care of yourself. My best wishes and I will include you in my prayers as well.

Hi, my husband spent 86 days in hospital fighting covid 40 of those days in ITU 36 on a ventilator. It was a terrifying time for us . He has an enormous road ahead of him , but he is home and getting stronger day by day . Your mum is still fighting, keep positive that really helped me , sending best wishes to you all x

Faithful2020 in reply to Ferham

Thank you for sharing. Stories like these help me keep strong and keep praying for my mom to recover. It’s so hard to believe when doctors are telling me to prepare for the worse, but then I know of people like your husband who fought and made it. My mom is really strong, she has proven that. I’m pray that Jesus has mercy and heals her lungs.

I was 36 days in hospital, 18 ventilated in ICU with Covid and Pneumonoa.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the future, bit never give up hope!

All the best to you and your mum.

Faithful2020 in reply to Woo2

Thank you for sharing. I am trying so hard to keep strong for my mom.

Exactly the same scenario as Woo2 above. My wife and 4 kids never gave up hope on me not returning to look after them, they supported me in prayers and thoughts.

Never give up as miracles do happen which is shown on a lot of these threads from very brave patients.

All the very best for your mums recovery also you need to take time out for you as I cannot imagine the pain you guys go through during the journey

Stay strong x

Thank you for sharing. I pray so hard for A miracle but it’s impossible to torn apart in this process. I am glad there’s people like you who fought and won the battle. It gives me a good feeling to know that it is possible to have her back despite all her complications. God bless you

Dear faithful,

My fiancé was in ICU for a month and on the ventilator for 17 days. He finally got off and has recovered. He is next to me drinking his morning coffee right now. It truly was a nightmare roller coaster ride but he is so much better now. The first few months were hard when he came home but he improved quickly. This all happened in March and now in September he is almost back to normal. Hang in there and try as hard as you can to stay strong. I know how difficult it must be. I prayed harder than I ever have in my life, and my prayers were answered. Sending you love and positive healing vibes!

Faithful2020 in reply to royay7

Thank you so much for sharing. My mom is day 16 today and having so many complications that she keeps going back and forth on high settings of ventilator. According to the doctor, if she can recover she will be one of those patients who are intubated for months. I have accepted that I have to be patient and continue to pray and wait. It’s just so hard to not see her lungs doing any improvement. I will continue to pray and wait for God to hear me. He’s my only hope. Thank you for sharing your story. It truly does give me hope.

I’m so sorry. Yes he went up and down in the ventilator also. One day better next day worse. They didn’t think he would even make it. When he did get off the ventilator they almost had to put him back on it 2 days later. His cousin is now in the same situation. On the ventilator and going up and down and on dialysis. All we can do is pray. I’m praying for you!

Faithful2020 in reply to royay7

Thank you so much. When I pray, I pray for all sick people as well. Let’s have a lot of hope and patience. Thank you again for sharing. Not that I’m ever happy to read these stories but the recovery and miracles give me a lot of hope

Hello Faithful2020,

I am sorry to hear about your mom. May I ask if there have been other complications or how the other organs are doing (kidneys for example)? When did she code? What did the ICU staff staff say about her heart? Did she have any pre-existing conditions? I apologize in advance if this post is getting into private or sensitive information. We can communicate privately if you like. Her condition can absolutely improve. Can you speak to her? That can be so powerful in turning things around.

Hi. Thank you.

Doctor says that other than her lungs, her vital signs are good. She has developed abnormal levels for her kidney function but he said that’s not a big problem. That can be treated and it’s very normal for patients who are on so much medication especially sedatives. Aside form that my mom is healthy. No underlying health conditions. He has explained that her lungs are so fragile that it’s unknown if she can recover and if so when. Some days she’s somewhat stable saturating at good 97% but others like yesterday she drops and her x rays come back worse. It’s just so unpredictable with Covid pneumonia according to every health staff I talk to.

Stay strong mentally emotionally I know it’s hard my dad was on a vent for two almost three months meditate and picture them healthier than before have you had a chance to FaceTime them? Thank you for sharing your situation all of this has been extremely hard for you But stay strong hugs 🤗 it’s a roller coaster No one wants to be one very day something different sometimes nothing and sometimes there’s a little bit of good news don’t give up and take care of yourself stay safe.

Hi Varmenta83

It’s indeed really hard to stay faithful and positive despite all the complications and bad predictions from doctors. I’m beginning to accept that my mom will have to be intubated for a while before she can show any improvement. It really hurts but I know there’s absolutely nothing I can do besides pray. I have FaceTimed a couple times and have been able to see her from a distance a coupe le times as well. It’s devastating seeing such a strong person like my mom laying in bed. It’s really hard to come back up and believe again. I’ve asked Jesus to restore my faith, to help me keep strong. I’m somewhat glad that my mom won’t have much memory of this. I just pray that she can make a recovery even if the odds are off and even if she takes a long time to do so.

How is your mom doing ? You mentioned about your mom not remembering what he happened in my dads situation he doesn’t remember after he was intubated only before and has a series of dreams. Will be praying for your mom please keep us updated.

Also please feel free to message me if you would like to chat it helps to chat and talk about it. I’m here for you hugs 🤗

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