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Roller coaster update

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Just need to put this out for anyone that needs a bit of hope , and believe me I need some myself at times . Today is day 40 of my husbands journey but day 38 of his time in ICU . In that time Covid attacked his kidneys , he’s had kidneys filtered a few times , attacked his liver , blood pressure had to be supported , got clots in his legs needed blood thinners , burst a lung , chest drain , that was removed and replaced with another a day later . 3 temperature hikes antibiotics then found out he has an infection of the heart ! Trachy fitted on day 11 , and to top it all he had a stroke !!!! But today on day 38 of ICU ......; he left to go to a ward for rehabilitation ! He has a way to go still , but with everything he’s gone through he has done so well this far . I hope and pray for everyone on here with relatives going through this that you find your corner to turn . When my husband was first in hospital I prayed all the time for a miracle , but for everyday a relative holds on that is a miracle . Sending you all the hugs and love I can muster and pray for you all . Thank you all for your support x

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So happy for you and your family that he’s improved enough to move out of ICU , he’s definitely a fighter he’s got through so much !

Wishing him a straight forward recovery from her onwards x

Good news praise God 😁

Wonderful news x

Hi Pandysgirls, this is wonderful news and I wish your husband all the best for continued recovery out of ICU. My husband is doing ok in ICU after 43 days. Can I ask what stage your husband is at in his recovery - is he having dialysis still, is he completely weaned from ventilator, does he have a trachey? Can he swallow/eat? I’m interested to know at what point a covid patient is considered no longer in critical condition and able to transfer to a ward. And what happens in the ward?

Thanks for any input. Xxx

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He isn’t on kidney filter and hasn’t been for some weeks , but had so many other problems . He had a trachy on day 11 but so many other problems interrupted weening , but now trachy removed after 4 days of not needing any vent and as I said left the ICU yesterday . He is very weak and frail and is going to have to learn how to walk talk eat everything all over , but I thank god he’s got this far and pray that you all reach that corner xx

This is amazing news, so happy for you and thanks for sharing and giving us extra hope.

Let us know how he gets on xxx

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Thank you so much for your reply , I know he still has a long way to go but leaving ICU was a milestone to me and I don’t mind the wait . Praying and sending love hugs to everyone and sincere thanks to all the people on here that share there stories and give us all hope in dark times . How’s dad today ? Your all constantly in my thoughts xx

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HopefulA in reply to Pandysgirls

Definitely a milestone and really positive!

Dad remains sedated and ventilated on 50% oxygen requirement, they're struggling to wean him down from this but we are day 4 into antibiotics for the chest infection so just hoping it needs bit more time.

They have slightly weaned his paralysing agent so keeping fingers crossed they can continue with this x

Congratulations! That's amazing. Very happy for all of you! 🥳🥳🥳

Wow, it just shows!🙏😀

Hi Pandysgirl may I ask? Are you from uk or usa?

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I’m uk Hun x

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Thank you x

I am UK too

This is great news and very encouraging for the rest of us with relatives in ICU

thank you for sharing

So pleased for you! Your Dad is a tough cookie and hopefully he’ll continue to progress further 🙏🏽🤞🏾

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