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I had sepsis shock a year ago I sometimes have needles and pins in my feet and weakness and funny sensations in my legs what is this?

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Post sepsis syndrome might be the culprit, I suffered limited neuropathy & myopathy - weakness & pins & needles wore off over time 18months 2yrs in my case. Some people have these issues for much much longer.

Weakness & fatigue go hand in hand with critical illness.

Thankyou for your reasurance can doctors prescibe anything to help?

I don’t know whether they can prescribe anything, I was rather cheesed off with the amount of medication I was suddenly on - so I was pleased not to be given anything else ( side effects were often worse than the condition itself).

I found regular exercise & being normally active helped everything. For me it took time.

They claim it takes 10-14 days to recover from everyday you are in ICU.

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I guess if you have a health condition ticking along in the background that also adds to the whole length of recovery.

I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, a condition I had for a number of years before my critical illness and which worsened afterwards. I've been on Pregabalin tablets for this, which helps to a limited extent. May be worth a discussion with your GP.

Mine is improving after sepsis. Movement and walking helps all the time. B vitamins and magnesium have helped me but talk to your doctor. I’m still not fully mobile but walking and without stick now. It’s common after ICU. Good luck

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