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One Month Anniversary!!


Today is my one month anniversary of being out of the induced coma and off the ventilator 👏 I feel like it was years ago now. I just wanted to thank everyone here for your advice and support over the last few weeks. I’ve found the psychological side of my ITU stay the most difficult to deal with and it’s really helped being able to write about my delusions without people thinking I’m a complete loon! I’m getting better and feeling stronger and I’m looking forward to getting my ITU diary in the next few weeks.

I hope everyone here continues to recover from their ITU experience and I’m so glad I found you all!

Much love,

Vicky xx

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Hopefully your diary will fill in the blanks for you. Interestingly, I didn’t want to read mine, felt pressurised/obliged to do it & gained little from it - except the knowledge that my coma just went on and on and on.

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I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it to be honest? I want to know more about what happened to me from a medical point of view more than anything. I saw the respiratory consultant yesterday who was surprised to see me alive! He told me that he, the consultant radiologist and the intensivist all expected me to die. Apparently my lungs were ‘not compatible with life’. It was a bit of a shock hearing that to be honest!

I feel the same about wanting to know more from a medical point of view. 2 years I still feel in the dark about what went on. I want to see all my medical file, reports, notes made by nurses, observations. It's all about myself & relevant to me so I should know. It always surprises me why we have to apply to view our own personal medical file. My ICU diary given to me doesn't include the medical information I want.

You looking SO wonderful Vicky and thank you for all your help! Hope you and your family have a super dupa 2020 X

Thanks Mark x

Happy Monthiversary! I wish you steady progress

Thank you 😊

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