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Bed sores healed but still hurting

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Hi everyone.

My dad was three months in coma, and he developed bad bed sores in his buttock. After three months it`s already healed, but every time he sits or moves he says it hurts still. I wanted to know if you have had experienced this or someone you know. Does the pain never go away? Is it gonna be better?

Thank you very much for your responses.


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I was in ICU for a long time and also developed sores on my buttocks. Before I was discharged, my wife bought a pressure cushion and this worked wonders. The pain went away in two or three weeks. This is the one we bought (in the UK):

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titiday in reply to Videodragons

Thank you for your response! If we have had this info 3 months ago, maybe he wouldn't have the sores now... they were really terrible. They healed already, but the pain is still there, and I wanted to know it its somehow normal.

Thank you again!

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cybermum10 in reply to titiday

I was a nurse for many years and none of my patients had bed sores,I turned and rubbed them with cream so it wouldn't happen...It takes awhile for beds sores to heal proper,even though they look healed on the outside it takes awhile to fully heal on the inside.Get him a massage cushion to help increase the blood flow to the area and it provides padding to relieve the will get better...God Bless


Evey time I hear this, I get mad. He developed sores, because nurses didn'do their job, turning him in bed. I was in coma 3 weeks, same thing. Nine months later, wound clinic did great job, and sore did close. Scar tissue is what the problem is. 2 years later, I still hurt just like your dad.

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titiday in reply to bbshale

Thank you so much for this info! So probably the pain won't go away? Or at least not so fast as we were expecting.

I wish you good recovery for that, and that the pain goes away someday!

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bbshale in reply to titiday

I am sorry, I forgot to mention something, that probably makes difference: I'm an amputee in wheelchair :-)

Apologies... Wish you, and your husband all the best!


My husband had bed sores in his head due to sweating and being in a coma.he still has scares. A donut pillow was used for elevation and antibacterial ointment was used to keep it from infection. I hope your father gets better because the healing process varies. The nurses should have been rotating him or at least getting some air underneath him

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titiday in reply to Troubledwife

Thank you for your response!

I know... specially cause being there on the ICU we can not do it, and it's suppose to be their job. The sores were so horrible =(

I hope your husband gets better and better.

My husband had pressure ulcer on his butt 4 days into induced coma. He was in hospital 4 months and out for 2 weeks. Still fighting open sore. Its infuriating.

**Has been out of hospital for the last 2 weeks

I was in a paralysed coma and bedsores. I'm 18months into recovery n still use a pressure cushion & still suffer pain from them

The hospital have said it's my fault I had bedsores because I'm fat. Even the one on my ear ? I can't begin to tell you what some staff did to me. I'm devastated by the entire experience...... not only am I left recovering from 5 week coma but also from the actions of some cruel staff 😢😢

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