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Medically induced coma recovery


Hello, I had bacterial Meningitis, a sight stroke, seizure,pneumonia, highblood pressure.

I was in a coma for 7 days. I remember fighting for my life, trying to get out of my body.

In the coma it was dark and there was a screen like a cinema. I remember watching the credits roll down the screen and hearing music. There was a song playing in the background called "Jesus is Lord". I remember thinking " Is this it then, Im not ready to die, ive got more things to do".

I prayed with the chaplin.

I had elders from my church come and pray for me.

I remember holding on to hope. I also started to ask the Holy Spirit to help me move,walk talk etc...

I am recovering very well. I am born again and thank everyone for the prayers and support.I love you Jesus. When I came to the end of myself, the love and power of Jesus Christ took over.

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I had all my friends and family praying for me, it totally worked x

This post makes me feel a little better, my fiance is in a medically induced coma for alcohol withdrawal he has been in it for 3 days, and has no injurys, and you had a lot going on and was only in the coma for a week so I'm hoping they don't keep him in the coma for longer then that.

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I trust things are progresing for him and loved ones. Sometimes anxiety can be a challenge therefore its crucial to pay close attenton to his behaviour patterns and seek ongoing support from outpatience*

How long did it take you to wake up from sedatives?

My brother is in the same circumstances as you. He was in induced come for 2 weeks and now he’s off the sedatives. This is his fifth day and still not waking up.

He’s moving his arms and opening his eyes but not responsive yet.

I got closer to God and I pray and pray together with my family.

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I speak complete healing to your brother and command him to wake up now and fully recover in the name of Jesus.

It took me a few days after being off the sedatives to come round. Keep speaking posite words into his ears. Stay far away from words of doubt fear and unbeleif as he can hear and it will have an impact on his thoughts. I love you - hugs to the family xxx

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