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My father isnt waking up from a medically induced coma...scared


hi there - my father is 76 years old and was in great health. he was admitted to the ICU 16 days ago with pneumonia and a staph infection in his lungs. he suffered organ failure - heart, lungs and kidneys. his heart is now stable. he is intubated but has minimal ventilation support and is on dialysis. he has been off sedation for 8 days. he has not opened his eyes nor does he respond to verbal commands. he only responds to pain stimuli and touch. his CT scan showed no concerns. they are doing an MRI and an EEG today. i am so worried that he wont wake up. any advice would be so helpful.

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I had the same - 8 weeks later I woke up - it took me a long time to come round. Your father is older than I am by over 20yrs. It takes longer to recover the older you are. The sedatives effect different people in different ways - I hope he improves soon

Justme234 in reply to Sepsur

Hi - my brother had a cardiac arrest, was cooled and sedated. We’re only 10 days out. I was wondering when you say it took you 8 weeks to wake up, did you wake up all at once or did you do so in stages? Thank you and so glad you are doing well.

Sepsur in reply to Justme234

Whenever the moment was that they decided it was right for me to wake - it took me eleven days to properly come round

I have the same situation... my dad is 64... in inducted coma now for 4 weeks ... not waking up yet and problem with independent breathing so he is still ventilated :-(

Melanieyac in reply to Jo2018

Hang in there Hun sedation can takes weeks sometime times to come around from

Have faith tell him u love him And that u need him in icu I forgot that I was just waiting for news forget that hold his hand and wait I'm sorry that's all I can do and believe me I know what you are booing through we probly all do and what you done has been through I have seen people come out the other side and tell the tale

Good luck xxx

Jo2018 in reply to Melanieyac

Thank you

Hi waking up from sedation can take a while give it time tell them you love them and have faith so many people have come out of what your father has been through I used to whisper to my uncle were we would go and what we would do and soon enough he started responding but still not awake then on the last day I said I love you he opened his eyes and mouthed it back 😔unfortunately he didn't make it I hope ur father does though as it's the hardest thing I have. Been through and nobody deserves that

Thinking of you xxx

Thank you for your thoughts. I’m sorry you lost your uncle,

Any news on your father ? We are going through the same situation with my dad - finding it incredibly difficult not knowing if he will ever wake up.

Jo2018 in reply to Rlankford

How's your dad?

Rlankford in reply to Jo2018

Sadly he passed away 2 weeks ago. How about your dad ?

I'm really sorry :-( can't even imagine how you are feeling ...

My dad is awake but still on ventilator support and in ICU for nearly 60 days...he is still very sick.

Tell them to see if he had ARDS look it up it may help you that’s what I had some Drs. Don’t look for ARDS. Good luck ps let me know what happens God bless you

Oh goodness. In terms of the time he was under that's quite a long time... even a week is hard on them let alone that long.

Promise you patience and hope will help. Times all you have and he will take longer to get back to us because of his age, and time spent in coma. My hubby had similar but is 41 and it was terrifying. He's at home now and we were told he would still be in there at xmas by one consultant. Your dad's body and brain have literally had a battering. A really hard time so keep that at the forefront of your mind.

Each day he's resting it's for a reason and he will get there eventually. He really has been through a lot and needs restxxxx

the recovery when they wake is so very hard so take this time to love and adore him and prepare to support him and get things in place for when he does wake. Xxx it's a tough ride hun wish you all the best really do. Any time you need anything (advise or questions you may have) please do ask. Hubby had all of the above apart from heart. Developed sepsis after pneumonia and had kidney failure etc. What you have to remember is that is all due to your dad's pneumonia the first things to go are kidneys..liver heart etc

Thank God that he is in the right place with the right people xx

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