Please support my triathlon attempt to raise funds for ICUsteps

Please support my triathlon attempt to raise funds for ICUsteps

I went through ICU delirium in 2007 following a very serious RTA, 10 days in a coma and years getting through the mental trauma. I wish I had known of the brilliant work of ICUsteps. Please find out more of my time and sponsor my attempt through:

Your support will be much appreciated. Please Gift Aid if possible, it will add 25% to your sum with no effort - pass this on

Many Thanks, Ian

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  • Hi Ian thank you so much for your continued support for the charity. It is great to know you are strong and well.

    Good luck with very best wishes from us all. Mo and the team at ICUsteps

  • Hi Burdock, ICUsteps and its output is close to my heart, the research work associated with is invaluable. It took me nearly 5 years to be able to step back from my experiences and do something useful for the charity. Please pass on the website

  • I have just realised that it is you there Mo, lovely to hear from you. I have watched ICUsteps grow and am pleased to be involved in some of the research that is forwarded to us. I couldn't face involvement for a good few years but am very happy do do something positive following such a grim experience.

    Ian P

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