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Sepsis, pneumonia, liver and kidney disease,


Just after a bit of advice, my 20 year old nephew has been in hospital since 13th august with severe sepsis and pneumoina, he has been sedated nearly all this time, yesterday they put a tracheotomy in him yesterday and he got high blood pressure and temputure again, so they changed his antibiotics, he has got liver and kidney disease too, hes also on diaylis, my question is, how long can he be sedated? And what happens if none of the antibitics work, they still have not found the scorce of infection yet? Thankyou

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I had most of what your nephew is going through. I believe that they chopped and changed antibiotics until they found one that worked. I was allergic to some, my eyes turned the colour of Bart Simpson and I got terrible rashes off others.


could answer a lot of your question about sedation.

I hope your nephew improves soon, age is on his side. I think critical care teams see it as a matter of pride to get a young person through intensive care.


Thank you for your reply and so pleased you have recovered, i think we are all finding it frustrating that he seems no better than since he went in, and we just worried they will not find the right antibiotic, truly heartbreaking, or that theres a timeline for keeping him sedated?


I was unconscious for two months and awake for a month in icu - the body is miraculous too.


Wow, thank you that has gave me hope x


Due to leukemia, after my 42 yr old husband received his second chemotherapy he caught pneumonia and in 4 days of high fever and not being able to breathe he was sedated induced coma for 3 weeks in the ICU with ventilation, pneumonia, sepsis, dialysis, kidney failure, fluid retention, feeding tube, trache and miraculously he recovered and is well within a month of discharge. It is the most frustrating and scary feeling anyone can go through and I really thought he wasn't going to come home because there was so much medicine but by the grace of God he is here today. Like they said above him being so young is a plus so please Don't lose hope and have faith and I'll be praying for your nephew.

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Thank you for your reply wonderful news your husband has recovered, my nephew has swollen up too, looks like he is pregnant, dr,s say its fluid, he also has to have heart scans this week, as they found pressure right side of the heart😪Just seems they finding more things wrong with him, but the drs do not really tell us much, just say they doing everything they can, feels bettet to let it out on here😪


Thank you i will have a read up x


I read your post a while ago and was wondering how your nephew is doing... is he out of the ICU yet?


Hello, thankyou for your message, my nephew left itc, i think 2 weeks ago, in that time hes had his liver and kidney transplant on Tuesday, which was succesful , but on friday he was coughing up blood, so he had another 2 hour surgery, so he was back in the itc and then had a seizure yesterday, which only started when he caught the sepsis, so 1 step forward and 2 back, he is doing amazing considering he was close to death a few times, still not out the woods yet, do you have family going through the same thing ?


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