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Hi I have been called for my PIP medical after sending in my PIP form and allowing them access to all my drs and consultants, which I have gathered they haven't contacted. Has anyone got any advice for me before I attend it on Monday. I'm a wreck already with PTSD and other problems and not sleeping this just isn't helping. Thanks for letting me moan when you have much bigger problems on site.

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  • Hi...I had to apply for PIP after my stay in ICU and like you had problems with anxiety etc. I visited my local CAB and spoke to the welfare officer who was really helpful. When asked questions at your assessment, think of your worst day and go with it. Don't say...' On a good day I can do etc'. If I remember correctly on the CAB site there is information on what they will ask at the assessment. They will assess you the minute you walk through the door until you leave so be prepared for that. If you are depressed and they hear you laugh and joke in the waiting room..they will note that! If your not successful...appeal, appeal, appeal! I would strongly advise you to see CAB if you haven't already. I had to appeal for the mobility element and was successful. The assessor is very nice so relax..you will be fine! You have come this far...good luck

    Ruth x

  • Very well said Ruth.

  • Hi Tiaclydebonnie,

    Have a look at benefitsandwork.co.uk website it offers a lot of free useful information on PIP but to get more detailed information you need to be a member which is £19.95 for a year.

    Do you have someone who could go with you as that could help reduce your anxiety, make sure they look at all the information you've supplied, most of all be yourself and I hope all goes well and in your favour.


  • Just think of your very worst day and say how it is for you down to all the mental, physical and emotional turmoil. Every day brings a roll a coaster of emotions and days were you feel sick, fed up, moody and with me anger (I was misdiagnosed with a ruptured appendicitis). Anniversary days don't help me and they will soon be here.

  • Thank you for your advice as you say every day is horrible some more than others. Sorry you will soon be reaching your anniversary that's always a difficult time for us lot. I'll think of you and thanks x

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