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I've just learnt I'm being given more time for my PTSD council lying as a result of being in ITU just hope it can help me but so far it seems to have served to bring up other issues that have been buried deep in my past. Then in the same post I get my PIP application just to add to my already over stressed and emotional state of mind. Just wish my body would recover to its old self and this constant nightmare would be over. It's 18mths since ITU and all around expect me to be normal, but I dont I feel like I'm a stranger. Help or advice please x

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Hey there. I had a very emotional session with my ITU nurse this week at my follow up. To me, my company and I perceive my family and friends, I am 6 months out of hospital and need to "get over it" and be back to normal. My nurse put things into perspective for me and said it's still very early days in their view. So I'll repeat that to you, 18 months is still early days and dependant on how bad the nightmares were or your illness was, it can take years to recover emotionally, physically you might be fine or much better, but emotionally it will take time.

We've all had some form of "blues/dumps/black dog" following our illness, are you on any meds or just talking therapy? I find the two go best hand in hand not just for me but for my wonderful husband too who nursed me for 13 weeks.

I had talking therapy about 18 years ago after a brutal break up but we focused on my relationship with my sister which is now wonderful as a result. Underlying issues, whilst they may seem irrelevant, might be feeding into your subconscious and hindering your progress.

Keep talking, keep sharing, visit your GP and speak to the CAB to help complete your PIP.

Best wishes,



Hi Tiaclydebonnie,

I'm sorry to hear you're still in a bad place, firstly your PIP application try looking at the website which offers free advice & information or for £19.95 full membership for a year.

I've spoken to many people over the last five years and most have told me the person they once were is sadly not the person they are now and coming to terms with that can be a very difficult journey, suddenly not being able to do the things you took for granted can be so frustrating and then there's always the question we all ask ourselves "why me". I know personally I went to hell & back and unfortunately my wife & family took most of the flack but thankfully they stood by me and got me through it, I found counseling pretty useless and refused any antidepressants as I'd had so many drugs pumped into me, I didn't want anymore but it was a very personal choice on my part.

What worked for me was becoming involved in setting up a local support group along with doing talks of my experience to hospital staff, this led to me becoming involved with ICUsteps and later becoming a trustee, leading to a very different life from my old one, I would be lying if I said I don't miss my old life but unfortunately due to the illness that tried to kill me it has gone forever, so for me making the most of my second chance of life is now my aim in life along with helping my fellow survivors in their recovery.


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Thank you bill you have put it so very well and I don't think I could discribed it any better. At the moment I don't feel strong enough to much other than keep things ticking over at home as I'm expected to do now as I must be better least the family think I should be. Also I have no wish to pump myself with drugs that will only numb my mind and not help me deel with the issues. Very similar we are in that. Thank you for all your advice I read this site daily it's so very helpful.


I wrote down all of what I could remember and some of the strange things that happened in my life ( Or at least I thought they did? ) But for me I did find talking about it was my greatest asset.

I understand now that it is not a quick fix and I still get problems by people basing everything on looks not what my body is now incapable off or the constant pain I have.

I wish you all the best but getting those demons out is I think the best thing to do.

Be well

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Thank you so much it's such a help to know you all care like you do. I'm sure in time my demons will ease but as you say looking good is not how your body is always saying you're feeling. The constant pain weakness and tiredness doesn't have any visible symptoms like a broken arm would. Thank you all means a lot xx


Hello, So sorry to hear this and how you are both coping and dealing with this unpleasant time in your life. It does take time to leave your emotional state of mind and system. I have my fair share of a roll a coaster rides. Just think of a glimmer of light which will and can get larger. Once it reaches it's fullest then you will know things have improved for you.


Many thanks for your kindness means a lot. Just hope you are right x

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