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Frequent Hot Flushes / Flashes / Night Sweats

I am 13 weeks post op TAH+BSO. I get frequent Hot Flushes/Flashes that last long. It's so infuriating. Recently I started experiencing headaches that don't go away. Or they keep recurring. My Dr has put me on ISOFLAVONE for one month. Does anyone else experience this? How do you deal with it? The meds leave my head reeling round and round and weak. Feeling sick and useless.

Then the pain that comes with sitting down while working. The incision area feels hot and itchy . God! I need Jesus.

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Hi i’m 7weeks post op and still off sick. The itchy feeling is the healing of your internal cuts and wound. I read that sage tablets are s’posed to help with flushed or sage tea (I have been lucky) not had many flushes yet. Drink plenty to flush you out and be careful you do not have a urine infection as this can cause headaches, go back and see your dr. I have opted not to have HRT at the moment and am going to try with herbal treatments.what are the side effects of your isoflavone?? If your not happy go back to your dr, good luck hope this helps. X

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Thanks Kaisomurphy,

Can't tell if I got any side effects from the meds but the flushes are still there. Especially during the day, one day they're crazy and take long and another moderated. Am not going back to that table for anything it takes. Am getting used to them. NO HRT! Will let the body adjust.

Headaches are on and off. Was told the anaesthesia also causes the headaches till it totally clears from the system. Coz I was under full anaesthesia. So is the expected pain. But of late I feel fatigued and weak in my hip and knee joints. But am still holding on. Walking and moving while at work.

You mentioned sage tea? Will try it out. I take lots of warm water and soya beans.

Am trying to keep off meds and let the body heal by itself. It's a journey that requires lots of patience, something that women lack. We are mothers. Hands on.


Good Luck👍🏼

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Thanks alot


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