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Fluoxetine dose for menopause, Im post hysterectomy (surgical menoP)

Hi ladies can anyone share their experience of being on Fluoxetine for menopause management.

I am on 20mg and its not covering me for low mood.

Really struggling today I feel horrendous. Stsrtoday ted them on the 19th.

Thank you.


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Dear HellyLlewelly

I can't understand why you have been given an anti depressant for your menopausal symptoms.

Surely some HRT would be better for you?

I was given this awful stuff a few years ago when my husband was dying. I told the doc I was not depressed just had anxiety but she insisted I try them. By the 9th day I suicidal. I had suicidal thoughts from the minute I started taking them. They are apparently known to cause this side effect. So why do docs keep prescribing them?

I'm sorry you are feeling so bad..please go back to your doctor and get something else but not anti depressants.

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Thank you so much for your response...


I can see why you felt this way, Im very very sorry to hear about your husband, my deepest sympathies to you.

I hit that day on Wednesday it was horrific. I know this happens when the tablets are entering your system. I was previously on Duloxetine which only covered my anxiety not this depression Ive bern struck with. Im actually doing much better since the end of the week.

Im on hrt patches also though I need an antidepressant for my low mood.

I also just found that I have an underactive thyroid so that can cause depression which I had slumped into.

I have felt so much better since the end of the week. We got a real Christmas Tree and put it up this morning ok so its not decorated yet but it helped the feel good feelungs flow and my husband and child are now in the spirit of things.

Thank you.



Hi Helly

Antidepressants are not the first line treatment for menopausal low mood, because it’s not caused by the same mechanism as clinical depression. Maybe you just need a higher dose of HRT? Whatever you’re taking, however, it always takes a while to notice an effect.

Hope things improve soon.

Rachael xx

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Hi Rachael how are you keeping? - its great to see you again!

Rachael I believe my underactive thyroid diagnosis is probably to blame for my low mood as I have been on levels of HRT that are more than anyone else Ive heard of yet Ive never yet felt that "feel good" boost everyone is saying you eventually feel.

Im on 2 x 50 Evorel Conti combined patch with the Fluoxetine and Im on Pregabalin for pain, came down from 3 x patches for fear of feeding my Endometriosis 😫

My Mum and sister have both had hashimotos (underactive thyroid disease) and Im the same age as when my sister took it. I have shown up well under range T4 so in a month if Im still low I will be put on Thyroxine.

I had increaded my Fluoxetine on the Wednesday to 40mg and spoke with mt Dr at once who said its quite a normal treatment dose at 40mg so he re-prescribed me 40's.

I feel much better (my head is my own again after feeling so out of sync with my thoughts) now and know its helping me punch through my days.

Underactive thyroid brings with it many similar symptoms as endometriosis like the chronic fatigue and depression so I guess in the past 9 months since the big Op, Ive been dealt a bit of a raw hand.

My sister has a very taxing corporate job and I dont get to speak to her much but she said her underactive thyroid had her feeling the same way...Mum was in 1979 and can still remember the depression, tiredness and weight gain.

Its only been recently that Ive commented that my nail clipper is working overtime cutting my nails that are like paper! I cant get any length to them at all!

Im semi hopeful that I may have found an answer as to why Ive been struggling so much since my hysterectomy.

I have to have my bloods done again in 1 month to confirm underactive thyroid and supplement with thyroxine.

Im up amd down for example Saturday I aeoke feeling well rested, did quite a bit in the house with hubby and son in preparation for Christnas, by Sunday I woke feeling like a MAC truck has hit me and Im woozyish and unsteady on my feet all day with a temple pulsing type headache.

I have bathed my son today and rested and then bathed myself and Ive lay down afterwards and cannot get the strength to get make up or hair done.

Im sick of looking at this tired sick entity staring at me in the mirror.

Im barely anle to be in the kitchen ling enough to "heat" meals not cook as I would have done pre hysterectomy. Its been a shit existence of minimal effort and I feel like a failure I suppose....

At one point (before the thyroid was a factor) I really considered that Id done the wrong thing thinking the hysterectomy has wiped me of more than my ovarian hormones, that Id stripped myself of precious get up and go hormones (possibly testosterone) like androgens that were good for me to function?

Its been a terrible way to feel to be going back on whether this was the right decision for me.

Lots of it I suppose is self pressure and failed expectations.

Now there is a thyroid element (pray to God please holy Jesus) let this be something "fixable" that I can begin to start building an energy source for myself.

Ive been told that my feelings are exacerbated by the low thyroid and to try and chill, put the low thoughts to the side and tell myself its a process, I know why Im feeling like this and Im in the process of getting help.

I might be one of the women who slide into the bracket of not being sure that hysterectomy is 100% the answer - due to me having bowel endometriosis, a returning of symptoms and a general feeling of the heath service not correctly diagnosing me eith endometriosis as a life long condition regardless of hysterectomy.

Rachael you can see after all of this why my head is not in tje best of places atm. Its been an awful awful lot to manage.im seeing my surgeon on December 21st to discuss moving forward with the endometriosis.

I may book another laparoscopy to investigate and excise as needed.

Thanks so much for your input as per usual

Helly xx


Oh, bless you, you’ve got a lot going on. No wonder you’re exhausted and feeling low. I felt like I’d made a mistake having my hysterectomy because of the complications I suffered that needed 2 further ops, but I’m glad now. I was on the same dose of HRT as you’re on, before my surgery, but now on 75s, oestrogen only. Feel so much better these days, but it’s been 3 years now and it’s only been the last 12 months that I’ve really felt well. Don’t need to bother the doctor so much these days. Hang on in there. You’ve had massive surgery and your body needs all your energy to heal. Take care. Xx

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Thanks so much Rachel

I appreciate your words.

I am hoping this thyroid scenario has been my silver bullet and I can try to heal from this.

Ive been bothering the ladies over on Thyroid support site they have given great advice too.

I think us hysterectomy ladies all go through a dose of thinking we did the wrong thing.

Well regardless I couldn't take the bleeds nor the pain anymore.

I have to remember that.

Truly a slave to my menses.

Thats gone thank God!

Take care!


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Fluoxetine was a horrible drug for me. Flat mood weight gain headache. I’m on citalopram 20 mg now with no side effects. U have to ask to wein off one onto the other. Best to get advice from an experienced pharmacist


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