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Chemical menopause versus surgical Menopause ( both ovaries removed)


I just had a hysterectomy 7 days ago . I had a sub total hysterectomy with ovaries and fibroids removed . The reason was I have stage 4 endometriosis with frozen pelvis . I had chocolate cysts on both ovaries which have reoccurred for the 3rd time following removal . I had open surgery and endometriosis was removed as well . I am recovering well and in minimal pain . I was hoping to hear from anyone in a similar situation . Prior to surgery I had Zoladex for 6 months and my symptoms on that were awful mood swings , forgetfulness , arm pit and breast pain , hot flushes and severe joint pains in legs. My consultant wanted to give me HRT as she said surgical Menopause is hideous? I decline and said I would like to wait and see . I feel totally normal and for the first time totally pain free !!!! I was just wondering when the menopause kicks in ? I have follow up in 6 weeks so can have HRT then . Has anyone here gone through surgical menopause ( both ovaries removed )? If yes i would love to hear from you x

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Hi Riva. Glad to hear you’re making a good recovery. I was on HRT before I had my hysterectomy so didn’t notice too much of a difference but I was also in chemical menopause for 4 months prior to the surgery. I felt terrible in chemical menopause, not just the menopause symptoms but quite ill as well. These days, I feel completely normal and wouldn’t want to be without my HRT as I my perimenopause was a shocker and wouldn’t want to feel like that again. It’ll take a couple of weeks for your own oestrogen to be depleted and then you’ll probably start to notice some symptoms.

Good luck, hope the recover continues well. X


Hi, how you react to the lack of hormones can be gradual as the oestrogen depletes in your body. See how you go. I tried many types of HRT but unfortunately my Endo flared up on my bowels when using. I now go HRT free eating healthy and taking calcium and vit d to help to keep off osteoporosis. I suffer a few hot flashes mostly when I try to get to sleep and some leg pain, sexual confidence has decreased which is a separate issue by pain wise I feel great and have some sort of life back. X


Hi thank you for replying. I do feel better than I did before so very grateful . I have had a few flushes but just take a few deep breaths and it’s over ! Trying to adopt calcium rich diet and will see how i go . I am day 17 post op and just waiting for stuff to happen ??? Sleep wise I am fine now after years of waking every 2 hours with bladder or pain issues so for now I am pleased that I had the Hysterectomy. Take care and thanks for sharing your experiences. Riva x


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