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Zoladex users

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me please about their experience on Zoladex . I was taking Esmya but it's safety is being reviewed at present and I'm not allowed to start another course. Also I'll be seeing my consultant soon and I know Zoladex is probably going to be the option offered next. I would like to go armed with questions just incase.



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Hi jduke

I’ve been on zoladex twice, the first time I didn’t have any hrt to go alongside the zoladex injections and the side effects were really bad, I was having hot flushes every 10mins and my mood swings were terrible, the second time I had hrt with it and the hot flushes and moods were not half as bad and it stopped all my endo symptoms up until I had my hysterectomy on Friday x


Hi..thanks for the reply.

Scares me thinking about these injections so many side effects, sounds like you didn't suffer to bad with them though that's encouraging, still think I'll try to avoid them. Good luck with your recovery and hope your starting to feel better.


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