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Total hysterectomy in 12hrs

I’m 45yrs old. Having an total hysterectomy do to adhesions or Endo and heavy bleeding and painful intercourse. Really want know until they get inside if Endo is really the cause. I’m a little nervous. I’m very concern about my sex drive decreasing. And I already don’t have much of an sex drive now. Just curious if this has happened to anyone.

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Hi, I had a hysterectomy for very similar reasons. My sex drive was great to begin with, in fact probably better than any other time in my life, tbh, but has faded in the last six months or so. Not been too well recently, which won’t help, but I’m considering trying testosterone replacement which many women find helpful. Sex toys are supposed to be help, as well, and I could put you in touch with a very lovely, kind woman who would be able to help in that respect. If you suffer with vagina dryness as a result, they can give you an oestrogen pessary. Also, vaginal moisturisers are a must but be careful what you use. Many common otc and on prescription products cause more problems than they solve. I’d recommend YES VM which you can buy on line or get on prescription.

Good luck. I hope the operation goes smoothly. Xx


Thank you for your reply. Surgery went well. The Dr. told my husband that I didn’t have any adhesions or endometriosis. But a big cyst on my intestine, kidney and ovary. I was still under so she wasn’t able to talk to me. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to her this morning before getting discharged. I hope everything gets better with you as well.


Hi, have read your post and was wondering how your finding things now after your op. My only option due to fibroids now is a hysterectomy , the thought scares me alot!🤤


It’s like a relief from the pain. The first couple of weeks was a little hard. Cause couldn’t do much. But I’m feeling a lot better now. 😊


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