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Has anyone taken Esmya and not suffer from fibroid issues anymore?

Hi, I'm I've been taking Esmya for 3 weeks now! Luckily there have been no side effects! Can you let me know if you have had any success with taking these tablets and whether they have reduced your periods/ shrunk your fibroids?

If these tablets do not work then it is a hysterectomy for me as I've been advised it would be difficult to take the main fibroid out as they will have to cut into my uterus wall!

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Hi ..I've just finished my 1st set of 3 months course, I also had no side effects. I also would love to hear from others who'd been through Esmya treatment. My 1st period after Esmya was only a tad bit lighter but a day shorter. I hope it works as it will make a difference to which op I would require . I still have 1 more treatment course and then a scan to confirm results of meds. TC ..Jduke


Hi, thank you for replying! I'm hoping after my 3 months my period gets lighter but am afraid it's going to be the same ole! I made up my mind today that I will have the hysterectomy if my cycle goes back to how it was which was roughly 27 days bleeding! I'm 44 now and had enough of this- no quality of life never knowing if I'm going to bleed so heavy and embarrass myself! I was hoping that the tablets would shrink my fibroids and I would be back to a 7 day cycle! Pls let me know how you get on, I hope everything will be better for you!


I'm 42 ..have multiple fibroids largest 12cm x 11x12..closely followed by 2 slighty smaller and many others. Periods are always 5 days but 2 nightmare days where I just want to stay in to avoid the anxiety of a pending disaster moment. Constantly on iron fighting off Anaemia. What have they given you in terms of options? I was never offered a myomectomy always hysto and also had mirena for a year that stopped my monthlys ok just then suffered other unwanted side effects.

Please keep in touch as its nice to compare treatments/info etc..☺


Hi, yes I also had a Mireya fitted last march then it fell out in may, then I started to take nethestorine for a month and that ended up stopping my cycle for six months which was great! But now back to the same problem hence why I'm on the Esmya! My largest fibroid is 4cm and the others are 3cm! I went private for a second opinion and they discovered I also have adenmyosis. I've been told where my largest fibroid is situated they cannot operate to have it removed so will have to go for the hysterectomy I think as I will not be going through this for another year! Ive spent a fortune on sanitary towels and forever washing! It's ruining my life that I can't even do any activities as scared I will have an accident! So I really doubt these Esmya tablets will make a big difference! I will have to wait and see how it goes! My third month will be up at the end of march- probably won't have s period until June or so, so will assess after then to see if bleeding has reduced! If not it will be a hysterectomy! Luckily I've been blessed with two children and have no intentions of having anymore! Pls excuse my spelling errors as I know there is a few! Pls keep me informed throughout your journey! Many thanks


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