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Hi All,

I had a TLH Bilateral Salpingectomy Unilateral Ooperectomy with removal of cervix, ureterolysis, and endo excision 3 weeks ago. I was originally advised i would need to take 12/13 weeks off work. How long did you take off work?

Tia x

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  • I had 11 weeks off and needed it. I think it depends on a number of factors like what type of job you do and how well you heal. I work in a school and am on my feet much of the day. I would have been too exhausted to go back to work before then. Only you can tell when you are ready and your employer can not force you to go back before. If your sick note runs out before, go back to your GP and ask for it to be extended. Take it easy. I found I would go for a little stroll in the mornings and then need to rest in the afternoon. Your body has a lot of healing to do.

    Take care x

  • Thanks Rachael. I manage a small business of 10 people. I can prob get someone to do the stretching and lifting but its more a mentally demanding fast paced role where im non stop all day. my boss actually turned up at my house yesterday at short notice and has called a meeting on monday with all the staff. he says i need to be there. im a little worried that they might look upon it as im ready to come back. i will be 4weeks po this fri.

  • i have tried to start going for a short walk and as you say even that is tiring. im ok one way but feel it on tge journey back. im healing reasonably well but having some bowel issues and my bladder seems very sensitive. not sure if that might be to do with the catheter i had in wasnt draining. also got a slight infection from this. im still feeling uncomfortable moving around as one of my incisions is nearly a couple of inches long. thought laparoscopically they shouldnt be more than 10mm long.

  • Bowel and bladder issues are quite common. They get pushed around a fair bit during the surgery and take a while to settle down. If you feel at all unwell, get checked out by your GP. X

  • Your boss should not do that. It’s outrageous. You’ve been signed off work by your doctor, I assume, which means it is not safe for you to return to work. It would breach Health and Safety legislation and invalidate their liability insurance. Don’t return until both you and your doctor agree your are ready. You shouldn’t even be checking emails. I was taken off all group emails whilst I was off and no one emailed me directly. Even though your surgery was keyhole, you still have a lot of healing going on inside. 6 weeks would be the minimum, but most people need more. All your energy is being used to heal your body, which is why it’s so tiring.

    My employer called a whole staff meeting whilst I was off after another op and luckily for me it was on the day of my return. However, some women on maternity leave were invited with no obligation to attend. If you do go to the meeting, make sure someone drives you there and waits to take you home again afterwards. I’d also ask them to check their liability insurance if you do go.

    You’re longer scar is probably so that they could get at all your endo. If they’re not healed fully on the outside, then the internal scars definitely won’t be healed yet, as they take a lot longer.

    I hope you aren’t feeling stressed by all this. That won’t help your recovery either. Xx

  • i must admit i was so shocked when he rang and said he was on his way. it made me feel sick. hes already organised for someone at work to pick me up first thing in the morning! i might make an appointment with my gp see what he thinks. i know all this really but u know when you just need to hear it from someone else!

  • Absolutely. Fortunately for me, my employer is very supportive although my line manager did make things difficult for me. She’s gone now, thank goodness...

    If you are still signed off, you really shouldn’t go to the meeting. Your boss is behaving very badly.

    Here’s a link to the NHS website about returning to work. It says you can, but you need to be sure you’re ready and your employer should be able to make adjustments for you. Also, you should stay off if you’re GP says you should take the full time for recovery. You have had major surgery, after all.

  • thanks hun

  • I had TLH & BSO with endo excision and had 11 weeks off, I also did a phased return to work . Rachael is right, your employer should not be asking you to attend meetings, even just the stress of attending can set your recovery back. Big hugs xxxx

  • i know ive been having chest pains this morning and im sure its with worry. ive chased up my follow up with hospital and cant get me in until 10 weeks po so going try get see gp tomorrow :-( dont need the mither really.

  • Good luck, sure GP will confirm you shouldn't attend any work meetings, especially if they will stress you xxxxx

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