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Day of op

Today I had the diagnostic laparoscopy hysteroscopy, biopsy & mirena.

After the op I was discharged without seeing the consultant. The ward nurses gave me the results which was that everything was normal just waiting on biopsy results. I was a bit upset that the consultant didn't give me any results or even offer a follow up appointment. The ward nurse said I need to go back to my GP & start all over again.

I have chronic pain in my pelvic area & back everyday, I have shooting pain in my bottom & vagina so much I can't sit, I have leg pain, I'm tired all the time, i have had heavy periods since I was 9 often flooding, I sleep with hot water bottles & im on 8 co-codimol a day but still in pain. I don't know what's wrong with me if it's not endometriosis. I'm so depressed. I cried when the nurse told me to go back to my GP.

I was also told to go to my GP in 6 weeks to check the mirena is in place.

I haven't even been told what they are looking for or ruling out on the biopsy. Would anyone know?

So fed up, I feel like people think I'm making this pain up.

Think I need to take an assertive friend with me to the GP.

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Sorry to hear you come away feeling worried and upset, I would write to the consultant a short letter asking any questions and outlining your main issues.

I would ask to be referred maybe for pelvic physio maybe or maybe have you discussed nerve pain , shooting pains sound like it could be nerve pains low level amiltriplene or gabapentin can help that where normal pain killer won't really help . When you have chronic pain your brain expects to feel pain and you can feel pain even when nothing causing it if that makes sense. If you look online sure it will be explained a bit better |:) :) Your GP can perscribe nerve pain meds just strart really low amounts as make you dopey for a while.

Trandemic acid i think its called can lessen the flow too which might help out during periods?


Hi joseyjo...i had the same procedure as you in april (didnt work so have now had hysterectomy...August) the biopsy is too see the reason why you are bleeding constantly....if there are any underlying issues. My biopsy came back clear. 6 weeks after mirena is fitted then make an appt at drs too check its in place....i had to have mine taken out. The pain will be not only from your periods but also because of the biopsy....i understand what you are going through hunny...people cant see pain unless they are experiencing it. I couldnt walk after i had mine done and it will take you a good week to 2 weeks to recover....so just rest. I still bled with my mirena hence removal....see how you are for the next 6 weeks although i have heard it can take a while for the bleeding to stop but everyone is different. Unfortunately you do have to go back to the drs for your results and if any problems then they will refer again as they did me. Hope this helps xxx your not making your pain up ok. Sending hugs xxx


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