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Please help confused on what take natural product ( menopause plus) or HRT???

Hi girls,

Hope everyone are enjoying pain free weekend?

I am back after a long time,I had my total hysterctomy last year on 19 September.I am period free,I used to get hot flushes but it has settled to great only concern just tummy upset and body pain mainly my left side of the body hurts a lot including my left boob.Sometime I feel my left side is inflamed.My upper back and neck also hurts.i am taking vitamin B12 and calcium of vitabiotics.

After 10 months my GP suddenly decides to give me HRT ( FemSeven Conti patch) I am reluctant due to side effects.some body told me to try Menopase plus from vitabiotics I am confused on what to take.

Can any body here please guide me what would be best for me and why do I get body ache.

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We're all different, but HRT was the only way forward for me. Menopace is just multivitamins at great expense and will only make a difference if you are deficient in any of the vitamins. HRT has few side effects unless there is a reason you shouldn't take them, which I assume there isn't otherwise your GP wouldn't prescribe them. You can be on oestrogen only, and it's very safe for women who've had a hysterectomy.


I've been on oestrogen gel for about a month you can adjust amount easily and it on NHs it's called estrogel , that and black cohosh seem to have calmed my menopause symtoms still get some hot flushes but still recovering from hysterectomy. Hope this helps


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