6wk Post Hysterectomy pain

I had keyhole hysterectomy with ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed- 6wks ago y'day, at 4wks I had a bug in my gut as the doc put it which caused me a lot of pain 😫😫 - only finished 3 lots of antibiotics y'day! I'm taking a lot of pills still to help and 1 of them Sertraline - has anyone felt low and tearful? I have a loving husband and a 6yr boy - I can't have fun with at the mo πŸ˜•πŸ˜₯😒

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  • I'm sorry you I've had a rough time recovering. I hope you start to feel well very soon. The low mood and tearfulness are symptoms of the menopause. Have you been offered HRT?

  • Thanks RachaelE for replying - my story's a long one - I'll keep it short!! I my coil removed 2 2/2yrs ago that's when my health fell apart so to speak - I was told I had gone through a menopause and all the tests proved it, but my body and mind weren't in sync so I was still having irregular periods. I've been on all sorts of tablets and antidepressants- in Feb this year I went in for an Ablation- which did not happen - hence the hysterectomy on 23/5. I'm seeing consultant on 17/7 for my 6wk check and discuss HRT. The other day I bent down to pick something up and something inside pull away😳😳😳 just hope I've not done any damage to myself internally 😡😡😡

  • I'm sorry you've had such a rough time over the last couple of years. I was pretty much the same, so I really feel for you. Coil was a nightmare for me, nearly bled to death when they removed it after just six months. Ablation worked for me, but continued pain led to a hysterectomy about 18 months ago. I had adhesions before the surgery which were the cause of my original pain, but developed more after which caused more pain and resulted in more surgery. I hope your follow up goes well. I don't understand why HRT isn't discussed prior to surgery. Having ovaries removed plunges you into full menopause and too many women suffer unnecessarily. Take care of yourself and get well soon. Xx

  • Awe I had mine 4 weeks ago I still very up and down first 2 weeks I had no and was awful but once I have the hrt oestrogel I have now it's been better . Abx and stomach bug must have been awful too I left hospital with bug but only last 24 hours but even that was very difficult πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    I drink the good bacteria teas always after abx they seem to really help takes a while to build yourself back up.

    Hope you have better day today

  • Thanks Alicepirate I'm taking each day as it comes and resting loads. I'm waiting for some physio to help. Pleased to hear of your good story - wish you all the best x

  • I got my hrt from my GP thanks to RachaelE on here too giving me support I have the oestrogen gel and it's really helped stabilize my mood it awful being dropped straight into menopause it happened to me too and I really feel for you. it worked for me pretty quickly also black cohash helped with the sweat and flushes . Awe hope your weekend goes ok πŸ’—πŸ’—

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