Hrt options from GP for surgical menopause

Hi has anyone got any advice about HRT oestrogen after a surgical menopause I'm 42 had very mild endometriosis before op I was meant to be sent home with HRT but it was forgotten i had hysterectomy 10 days ago.

So wasn't sent home with any rang GP and no notes on my release about it so had to wait for normal GP appointment .

I am suffering with the classic menopause stuff night sweats moods swings hot flushes they peaked a few days after op as I read on NHS pages is normal that a few days after ovaries go you dropped straight in 😪 I can only get couple of hours sleep before drenched in sweat and feel pretty loopy and very very down so have just isolated myself so been quite difficult recovering from hysterectomy .

I've spent years with eatering issues though my teens and on and off since so think I will need something as was awaiting bone scan anyway .

Any advice on bio identical hrt oestrogen?

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  • You should be able to have oestrogen only HRT. See your GP asap, as the menopausal symptoms will be making it so difficult for you to make a good recovery.

    Take a look at the RCOG patient website, it has lots of useful information about menopause and treatments.

    Take care, cool showers are helping me in this heat. Xx

  • Yey I had a urine infection so think that may have been the hold up to getting better and now have oestrogen gel too so started on that today💗

    Thankyou for your support it's really appreciated 😃

  • Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon. I've not tried the gel (patches work well for me) so I'd be interested to hear how effective they are.


  • Dear Alicepirate, I have no advice for you however I hope the following information will be helpful for you and a good starting point for the future.

    Tv interview Lorraine Kelly with Carol Vorderman (you tube) May 17

    Suzanne Somers Ageless The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones (Amazon)

    Apologies for the short response, I have just started taking bio identical hormones.

    I did a lot of research before I made the choice, however, it was watching the you tube interview with Carol Vorderman that made me go ahead with my financial investment in me!

    Take care xx

  • I am using the oestrogel now I think this is a bio identical hormone ??

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