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I've had full hysterectomy at 42 a weeks ago so seem to be dropped straight in menopause thought would take a while but already seem to have hot flushes all the time and very tears and angry , hrt was meant be discussed at hospital but wasn't saw nurse this morning for dressing change no message to GP from hospital about hrt situation so need to wait another week for appointment as no appointments until then and it's not really an emergency . Really struggling with the amount of washing from the sweats every 2 hours at night everything seems to be ringing with sweat ,i live alone with 16 year old son mid gcses and a lot to manage while meant to rest, any tips in dealing with it ?bleeding getting heavier now to red blood again but just like a light period but feeling of pressure in vagina now too all the time tmi that started yesterday feel like my innards pushing out? Any advice I'm very grateful of

It really delaying healing I think not being able to sleep much πŸ˜” Need to get the sweat under control black cohosh????, left hospital last week with diareah and vomiting bug so all not ideal.

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  • I think you should speak to your GP today about the bleeding, as it doesn't sound quite right to me. If you've had your ovaries removed as well, then you should have been offered HRT straight away. I was already on combined HRT before my op and they changed my patch to oestrogen only as soon as I came round from the op. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much, especially with your son doing GCSEs. I was in pretty much the same situation with menopausal symptoms when my son was 16. Had terrible feelings of guilt because I wasn't able to support him, but he survived and so will your son. You need to look after yourself. Please ring your GP surgery today and explain your symptoms and the surgery you've had. I think you should be seen more quickly. Take care. X

  • Thankyou I spoke to nurse last week and still no directions for hrt from hospital so she couldn't get GP to perscribe anything I'm awaiting appointment on Tuesday as that was the soonest they would fit me in πŸ˜” Hopefully will be started on something then would be really beneficial to get some sleep for the healing.

    Thankyou for your reply hope you have good week πŸ˜€

  • GPs don't need messages from hospital to prescribe HRT, unless there's a reason you can't have it. Have a look at the RCOG website for information on hysterectomy and menopause.

    I hope you're feeling a little better. This heat can't be helping πŸ˜₯. Try to rest and keep up your fluids. X

  • I know it is ridiculous when I saw nurse was still feeling really ill and didn't have the oomph to argue it she just said I should put some wet towels near me for the hot flushes and manage it basically and as far as the bleeding unless I drenching towels with blood not to worry , I only 42 and wasn't at all menopausal before op πŸ˜” But it a bit rubbish being dropped straight in I literally crying all the time it proper rubbish πŸ˜ͺ bad enough dealing with the hysterectomy and really no need to struggle without hrt for 2 weeks , I just thought it would be an easy perscription to sort out finally have GP tomorrow am in agony today πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ anyway it's like a bloody endurance test it just annoying a know NHS struggling but no aftercare for anything it seems plus uterus and ovaries were 'normal' anyway so have no idea why I even had it done as was told I had adenomyosis and PCOS and cysts before op πŸ˜” Most of my issues were bowel / bladder issues and still have those plus the hysterectomy issues plus menopause oh well early days πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    Thankyou for your link and reply sorry for the long rant you can tell I 'm housebound πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I had total hysterectomy in October and was fine for about a month then boom the night sweats were horrific everything was soaked night and day. Should also say had both ovaries removed due to previous issues with cystics. Family history of blood clots didn't want hrt prescribed Vensir which I take at night and no sweats and get plenty of sleep. I don't remember much of January of February before the medication as I was so tired through lack of sleep.

  • Not to worry. I was in exactly the same situation. Suspected adenomyosis, but all came back healthy so hysterectomy for no real reason. My pain was caused by adhesions which a previous surgeon doing a diagnostic laparoscopy had missed. I really feel for you. Try filling a hot water bottle with ice and wrap it in a towel. I hope your appointment tomorrow is helpful. It will take a couple of weeks to work effectively. It is ridiculous that you weren't given it straight away. Sending love xx

  • Awe thankyou sorry to hear you had same issues when did you find out about the adhesions or did they remove them during hysterectomy?

    how was your recovery ?

  • I only found out about the adhesions after my hysterectomy because they'd been missed by a previous surgeon doing a diagnostic laparoscopy. My recovery wasn't great, because I had a granuloma, which is an overgrowth of scar tissue on the vaginal cuff, which kept on getting infected. My GPs kept diagnosing UTI so for six months I had pain and the wrong antibiotics. I had it dealt with by my surgeon under GA eventually but had more pain which turned out to be further adhesions as a result of the hysterectomy. Had those divided last September and all was going well until I now seem to have developed IBS. So, not great tbh, but actually better than I was prior to the hysterectomy.

  • Oh no sorry to hear it such a long recovery my bladder is awful after op which was expected but still awaiting continence appointment that's I was meant to have before op . I saw GP and have abx for UTI it's been 2 days and they've made no difference hoping they've just given me the wrong abx for the UTI . Only low level reading in the dip test for UTI but agony emptying bladder and bowels. Still finding it hard to walk , a lot of pain 2 weeks on from op i . have oestrogen gel now but no dosage instructions says 2-4 pumps use as directed but no direction so awaiting GP instructions. Sweats better with drinking sage tea a lot πŸ˜€

    I found the FODMAP diet helpful a bit for" IBS " and identifying trigger foods I just did for 8 weeks and it did calm symptoms a bit, in theory gut heals a bit then you can reintroduced foods slowly but I was in the middle of all these gyne ops so didn't get the most ideal result but might be worth trying if you haven't already ❀️❀️

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