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Hi all I had total laparoscopic hysterectomy and bso nearly 8 weeks ago and all the advice I had told me that after 6 weeks I could resume normal activities. So just after 6 weeks I went for a jog and then last Sunday I went to the gym and did some jumping squats lunges weighted lap pull downs and some core exercises and I felt fine. Then on Tuesday I developed this stitch like pain in my right groin/abdo around where my r ovary would have been and it has not gone away since!! Everyone I have spoken to has said it was too soon to go back to the gym as everything internally takes 3 months to heal so I have probably pulled something? I wasn't really told about what exercise you could do and certainly not that certain core exercises should be avoided?? Has anyone else had this happpen and will it settle down? Looking forward to hearing from you.😩

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  • Oh my!! I don't know who told you to resume normal activities but I was told 3 months, and absolutely no lifting or heavy exercise (even hoovering). Even swimming, the life guard said they advise 6 months. Walking, walking and more walking is the best.

    I hope the pain has settled down by now. If it hasn't and you have any bleeding phone hospital ASAP.

  • Hi Anna61

    I just had a physiotherapist info leaflet telling me what you can and can't do post op and then pelvic floor exercises!! No real info on what you can and can't do!!! No bleeding but still have the niggling pain but I'm just assuming I have pulled where I had surgery!! Got GP appointment tomorrow so will mention it then. I'm only walking now so hopefully it will calm down and heal itself.x

  • Blooming ridiculous!! Even though it's a key hole procedure you still have internal stitches! Fingers crossed all is well xx

  • Oh gosh, I would have thought 6 weeks was much too soon. By normal activities I don't think they mean weight training. Walking, pelvic floor and gentle hip extensions. Maybe some sitting down bicep curls with light weights. Take it easy, and make sure you mention it to your GP.

  • Thanks Rachaele it's difficult when all you get is a leaflet telling you 4-6 weeks to resume your normal activities they don't take into consideration people like me who did a lot of exercise prior to procedure!! I know I probably seem silly trying to do too much etc but I have had such a fantastic recovery you forget still healing internally!!

  • I had the same op over 18 months ago and I'm still healing on the inside, partly due to complications. I do go to the gym but I'm careful what I do. I can do half sit-ups, pelvic tilts and bridging, but not all the way up. Still don't lift heavy weights, and when I do lift I make sure I put most of the effort through my legs. Don't forget, even when the wounds on the outside have healed it takes a lot longer for internal ones as they aren't exposed to air. Some surgeons say up to a year. Also, your bladder has to find a new position as there's no uterus between it and your bowel. As you've discovered, it's easy to overdo it and then you regret it. Be good to yourself. Xx

  • Being fit beforehand will make a big difference to your recovery, as well as make the whole procedure easier for the surgeons! Good luck!

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