Delay I biopsy results

I had post menapause bleeding for a few days in March. I had blood tests which showed I wasn't fully through the menapause and a scan which showed no abnormalities. Under GA I had the mirena coil removed as It was out of date and a biopsy done. The consultant after said all looked normal and I would receive the results by post. I asked the discharge nurse how long this would take and she said up to 3 weeks. It's now nearly 4 and I'm so worried all the time. I've tried putting it to the back of my mind but I just want to know for sure. Looks like I will have to chase the hospital now. Just wanted to share as I want the results but I am also frightened of getting them if you know what I mean. Thanks for listening.

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  • My biopsy results took weeks and weeks so I can understand your anxiety. I would phone the hospital, they are busy but you need to know 😊

  • Thank you for your reply. I will call them. Have waited as like you say I know they are busy but the waiting now is really getting to me.

  • I was told a long delay usually means they've found nothing, but it's good to,know for definite 😀

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