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Bladder Trauma during hysterectomy op

Well its 5 days since my op, I feel GREAT!!! Finally managed to 'open my bowels' this morning (5 times!!) - must be down to the prunes I have been eating - thanks to all for that bit of advice!!

Had a GA and spinal block/epidural (in case they need to do abdominal) which was a bit of a task for the anaesthetist and she couldn't find a vein for canula so resorted to placing my arm in a large jug of warm water to try and 'wake' the veins up!!! Eventually I was ready to go through the double doors into theatre. Was told as laparoscopy hysterectomy I should be in theatre around 90 minutes.......Well op took 4 hours........surgeon managed to cut my bladder in 2 places so had to get urologist surgeon into theatre to do bladder repair!!! Woke up to find catheter one side and drain coming out of my tummy. Surgeon was most apologetic and said I would need to keep catheter in for 14 days and then return to the hospital for a cystogram to check if bladder has healed.

The afternoon after my surgery I was feeling fantastic, even my husband couldn't believe how 'chirpy' I was but the next day I felt like **** - obviously the anaesthetic wearing off. Then they take the drain out....OUCH..... I was on the ante-natal ward of our local hospital as thats where the only bed available was, I have had 3 children naturally and not as much squeaked delivering them with just gas and air but OMG, taking that drain out, 2 midwives came rushing into the room as they thought someone had gone into labour!!! Came home on day 3, feeling a bit achy and tired but better than I was expecting.

So the thing that has now become a burden is this 'new bag' I have acquired, and its not even a designer bag!!! Sleeping is a bit of an issue as can only sleep on my right side with catheter and bag hanging over side of bed, too scared to move in the night as frightened I might pull the pesky thing out!!!

Oh and got to see gynae consultant in 6 weeks when she will have results of biopsies of my womanly bits - fingers crossed its all good news on that front.

Anyone got any experience of bladder trauma, extended catheter wearing?? Advice would be most welcome.

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Sounds horrendous. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. We're told these things can happen, but that it's rare so my heart goes out to you. You're just going to have to take it easy for the next few weeks. Rest as much as possible and absolutely no lifting. I had a bag for 24 hours and that was bad enough. I hope your recovery goes more smoothly than the op itself did. Listen to your body and speak to your GP if you feel at all poorly.

Sending love


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That sounds awful, I had a hysterectomy and excision of endometriosis all done by keyhole on Friday. I can't imagine what its like to have the catheter still in, mine was removed a few hours after my surgery. I am very bruised after 7.5 hour surgery and still tired but I think I would have hit my surgeon if he had cut my bladder!! I know they always warn you before but you never expect it to happen to you.


I know what you mean. They say there are risks but you

Never think it will happen to you. Hope you are recovering well. Take things slowly. I did too much yesterday and paid for it today ☹️. Listen to your body and give in to those afternoon naps xx


Not been feeling too bad so far, its just the pain from the internal bruising which is a nuisance. I'm a bit of a gym freak and have been told by the physio not to go back for at least 6 weeks, which for me is hard as I am used to 2 hour high intensity workouts about 5 times a week. Also can't eat properly at the moment as I keep getting stomach cramps. Apparently this is all normal after such a long surgery. I am a very impatient patient!! Hope you feel better soon, take it easy.

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