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Post hysterectomy nausea

Hi all I'm new to this site and would like to know if anyone else experiences this symptom. Bit of background always had problems with periods and pain but the last 18 months I've suffered with nausea wretching acid reflux around the times of my period. Anyway saw a consultant and they put me on progesterone only pull which got rid of all those symptoms but I bled everyday. They tried me on another pop but again had Long spells of bleeding and pain so came to the decision to have laparoscopic hysterectomy and bso with a bsge accredited surgeon. I'm 45 so did not want anymore children. I had my op on the 18 th of April and all went well. Since then recovery has been good but last week I woke up feeling nauseous and it lasted for a couple of hours then this weekend I've had it both days making me feel rubbish. My husband was going mad saying I have made the wrong decision as it has not stopped the nausea and having this op has not cured the problem as last year this was really debillatating. I think it's still just everything settling down post op and I'm on Estelle solo for hrt which have side effects of nausea!! Can anyone tell me if they have had these symptoms and does it settle? I'm not too bad this morning but I'm going to monitor it and see if it becomes cyclical. Look forward to any advice.😄

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Does your HRT have estrogen? After my hysto I was put on Depro Proverà shots monthly for 9 months to eradicate any estrogen.


Hi yes it's oestrogen only!! How come you went on the injection to eradicate the oestrogen? I'm only 45 do need to have some hrt!


I'm 39. I had stage 4 endo on my bladder, colon, small bowel, appendix. After 2 surgeries in one year they removed what they safely could. The depo is to shrink the rest. I still have 4 more months of shots.


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