post op laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

I had op in day surgery 1 week ago although 2 of the 4 incisions are healing the other 2 are still sore 1 due to a large tummy and cut in the fold on the pelvic line .so far I have had some flushes but not to bad( ? post menopausal before op) but did bleed heavy for first 4 days .I have been very good and rested well the first 3 days and then went for short walks each day after but still left housework etc to hubby .I am signed off work for 3 weeks at the moment .What has everyone else felt after this op? anything I should know?

The care before surgery was great at the hospital but after surgery I was awake 1 hour and they said as long as I pee I can go home there was no leaflet to take home for guidance in aftercare so seek info on the web and read posts here .

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  • Hello utmostserenity

    I'm sorry that you had no information post operatively 😕 I would have thought for any abdominal surgery 6 weeks would be the minimum healing time? I would phone my GP and speak to the nurse.

    Best wishes


  • they said as everything is key hole 4 small incisions that the healing time is alot quicker


  • You will have incisions internally that need time to heal, so I still think 6 weeks 😊 I was 6months getting over a hysterectomy, even though outwardly I appeared fine after 8 weeks it took much longer to return to full health 😊

  • If you're worried about your wounds I would suggest asking your GP or a Practice Nurse to take a look. The Royal College of Obs and Gynaes publishes patient information leaflets which you should have been given in hospital. You might find this one helpful.


  • thank you very much x

  • When I had diagnostic laparoscopy I had 1 week off work. For a laparoscopy with intermediate surgery (division of adhesions) I also only needed 1 week off, but taking it a bit steady at work. After my laparasopic hysterectomy I was signed off for nearly 8 weeks but, as I work in a school, it turned into 11 weeks as it tied in nicely with holidays! If you're not ready after 3 weeks, ask for another couple of weeks. The decision is between you and your GP and your employer must not put pressure on you. I found getting back to work helped me mentally. Was going stir crazy at home! Take it easy and see how you go. X

  • I have got an appointment with the nurse tomorrow to check wounds as they are leaking slightly now .

  • 6weeks ago I had complete hysterectomy,sling for bladder,rectal prolapse repair after about 2 weeks a couple of my incisions got red,sore,and some drainage. Went BK to Dr and they were infected. Doc gave me antibiotics t to clear them up. I'd go have them checked out!

  • Hi sorry not to reply I have infection and been placed on antibiotics and now have 3 wounds dressed to assist.

  • Sorry to hear that utmostserenity but I'm glad you went back to GP. I hope that you will soon be on the mend 😊

  • thank you everyone for your kind messages.I am feeling alot better the 2 wounds are on the mend still tender but alot better xx

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