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pre op keeping ovaries cervix or not??

I had my pre op today but have no idea how much is being taken during hysterectomy I have post ablation syndrome but my ovaries were fine pre op and I'm only 41 but since ablation one is very swollen with hemorrhagic cyst and the other one wasn't showing on ultrasound ??????

Anyway when I asked at pre op nurse said I would be told/ discussed on day what is being taken out ???? Does this seem right ??

I was expecting some sort of discussing before I have only had emergency quick appointments and scans since ablation in Dec as 3 gyne appointments cancelled so just seen different gynes on the day ward when pain been to bad. I not seen gyne that's doing op as that appointment cancelled and then had to see someone who hadn't read my notes and didn't examine me. In fact I've not been examined since ablation just pokes of abdomen and scans which I suppose show my worsening situation :( :(

Anyway has anyone else not been told ovary situation until the day?

I not really happy have got the GP to write but wondering if it's normal anyway :(

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Hi it's been 12 months since my total hysterectomy due to a large dermoid cyst which included removal of my cervix which was my chose. I had many discussions with my surgeon post op you situation doesn't seem very professional your G P should make contact with the hospital and you should be allocated a gynycologist your happy with and have meet! to discuss your options because there are many. Good luck


I'm happy with the surgeon and feel confident she will do the op well and give me a good choice of options but really didn't want to make choice on day of op I have mild endometriosis too on bowel found at a laparoscopy last year so needs to be a bgse gyne and she is brilliant but my appointment in Jan and feb with her were cancelled I have made so many complaints to pals to get anything moving I feel embarrassed to complain again I wrote a letter to my GP yesterday so they can write a letter explaining my concerns. I have emailed gyne secretary I just desperately need op as in so much pain which is worsening with the post op complications so don't want to hold it up I'm self employed and since having ablation have been in such pain.

Just wanted to know if that was normal not to know until day I questioned pre op nurse but she said that would be decided on the day and obviously they could go in and unable to save stuff too I am aware of this . I am thinking she thought stuff had been discussed but I would decide on the day hmmmmmmmm .....

because since ablation I have no idea of state of ovaries now difficult to know they were ok before ..... plus endometriosis I have researched as much as possible need a proper opinion but am also desperate for op so don't wanna wait more than a couple more weeks I'm barely able to sleep or eat presently and having to work heavily medicated driving me loopy now I want to be able to walk properly again 😪

thanks for your help hope your recovery went well and you have a lovely weekend 😃


Poor you hopefully your wait won't be too long. You are in what sounds like terrible pain they should fast track you. Good luck

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