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1 week post op

i had a total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy and appendix last wednesday, and i've been feeling a lot better than i was expecting to. i had no pain relief in hospital only ibuprofen. stomach is a bit swelly & get painful wind but overall i'm feeling ok. i get my results from the biopsys on my ovarys next week. i've not had any menopause symptoms yet is this normal? how long was you off work if you had the same procedure as me :-)

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Hi Nik7nak,

I only had 1 ovary left, but this past Monday 4/24, I had what started as a salpingo oophrectomy and ended up having a vaginal laprascopic assisted hysterectomy.

4days later, pain is subsiding, also having wind and other pains, s You had more surgery than I did, so I'm surprised you weren't given pain medication, but happy to hear youre feeling okay (21 days ago, hope you're healing well).

I've been advised that its 4-6 weeks off work for a hysterectomy, so I would expect the same or more for you.

I am not having any menopausal symptoms, probably because I was already on progesterone and estrogen due to hormonal imbalance and severe peri-menopausal symptoms, and had since gone through menopause at time of surgery.

I hope you got some answers and that your test results came out well.

Take care,

Neissy, usa


Hi Neissy, they did give me pain relief, I only needed ibuprofen as I wasn't in much pain which I was surprised by. The menopause has kicked in now 😂 I'm trying to manage the symptoms naturally without HRT. I'm 4 weeks post op now. Been quite good overall apart from last week when I had agonising back pain but that's eased off now. My test results came back negative for cancer, so that was excellent news. 👍🏻 X

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Hi Nik7nak,

Congratulations on your great news of no cancer! That is wonderful 😃.

Ugh, those menopause symptoms are horrible. I've heard the herb called Black Cohosh is good for some of those symptoms, that might be somethin g to research if you haven't already. I'm 5 days post open and still have pain mostly in my right lower abdomen where I was told they moved the scope around a lot more from. I should get my labs next week during my post op.

Thanks for responding and congratulations again. Best wishes for continued recovery 👏👏👏

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Morning ladies

Glad all is going well for you both 😊 I'm 9 months post op and feeling fully healed and back to fitness, but it did take a full 6 months, 3 to heal and another 3 to fully recover 😊

Best wishes



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