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Hysterectomy and found Endo


I had my Total Laparascopic Hysterectomy with Ovaries and Tubes removed a week ago, I have suffered for years with bad painful periods, very heavy, pelvic pain, horrendous ovulation pain ( excruciating) and family history of Ovarian Cancer. A couple of years ago I had a Diagnostic lap to see if I had endo, they said no and had adehsions on my C section scar which was wrapped round my bowel so had another lap to remove that, I felt better straight away and then a few months later agony returned which has led me to Hysterectomy.

When I came round my consultant said they found Endometriosis all over my pelvic wall and would put me on combined HRT patches because of this endo find. What I am wanting to know is, Is the Endo going to bother me now I have had everything removed?

I don't understand how he found it but other lap didn't?

Has anyone had this?

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Endo can actually produce its own supply of oestrogen so is self sustaining. I don't understand why they didn't remove it at the time. This still needs to be done as you will probably still have symptoms despite the hysterectomy and BSO. Sorry you have gone through only to find you were right all along.


I had a similar experience. I don't have endo, but a diagnostic laparoscopy found no reason for my pain, but when I had my LAVH + BSO (same as you) my surgeon found I had adhesions between my left ovaray, Fallopian tube and colon. I was told they just can't always see everything when they do a lap. What's the point then, I ask!? The reason for my adhesions is not known. I've never had surgery before all this gynae stuff, but I may have had an infection that caused it.

Hope your recovery goes well. Don't overdo it, listen to your body and see your GP if you are at all concerned about anything. I had an infection for six months that my GPs misdiagnosed as recurrent UTI. Turned out I had a granuloma on my vaginal cuff that had to be excised and cauterised under general. So, if you feel at all unwell and feel like you've got a UTI but it doesn't respond to antibiotics, make sure they examine you internally. Also had more adhesions which had to be divided almost a year later. So, don't be fobbed off with pain killers and antibiotics.

Good luck. Xx


Hi thanks for Replying, It's frustrating as you think you have gone through all this surgery for the endo to still be there, I feel as though I have something going on with bladder, cloudy urine but will keep an eye on it and drink loads of water today. It's hard trying to take it easy. I have 2 boys 2 and 5 . xx


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