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Finally given the go ahead for Hysterectomy

My consultant has finally agreed I can have a hysterectomy after the Esmya tablets have worked. Got to wait for them to get funding agreed and then go on waiting list. Would love to hear from people who have had it done (womb, cervix and tubes coming out) to help me prepare for what to expect. The thing I'm most scared about is infections. They terrify me. I work for the NHS so see a lot of the stats and my daughter is a midwife so here things from her to. Also roughly how long have people stayed in hospital after the op (don't wont to be there any longer than need to) Thanks x

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Hi, I had everything out about 18 months ago and the one thing I'd say is don't underestimate the healing time. Even laparoscopic hysterectomy is a major op and there is a lot of internal healing going on. I had a granuloma on my vaginal cuff that my GPs misdiagnosed as repeated UTIs for six months. Twelve course of antibiotics later and I had to have it excised and cauterised under general. Also had adhesions that had to be divided almost a year after the main op. I was in hospital three nights, but that was because I got so constipated due to codeine that I needed an enema. :(. I was off work for 7 weeks, but because I work in a school my time off finished st the start of the Xmas holidays so I got a couple of extra weeks tacked on the end and was glad of it. Be prepared to be very tired. Take it easy and listen to your body. Gentle exercise but don't overdo it. Oh, and before the op, do some exercises to loosen up your hip joints and muscles. They put you up in stirrups and it can play havoc with your back if you're not very flexible. Wish someone had told me that! Good luck, some women sail through it and never look back, xx


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