Hi I had a hysteroscopy biopsy & polyp removed last thursday . Im 57 have had breast cancer twice 2002 & 2011. Ive not had periods since aprox 2007 due to my meds zolodex and tamoxifen. The reason I had this procedure done is because I started bleeding a couple mths ago ? I was just wondering how long can you bleed for after having this done ? Its now 6 days, my concern is if the bleeding is still from before or just from the op. They said results take around 3/4 weeks.Can anyone enlighten me please. Thanks in advance

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  • Hi I would go back to doctor asap as you could be low on iron as I was bleeding for 2 weeks and needed iron transfusion. .hope this helps

  • Thank you i didn't know which would be best ie: seeing my dr or calling the clinic were i had the procedure.

  • I'm sorry I've no experience if this procedure but if you are at all concerned I would phone someone 😕

    Sorry I can't be more help.

    Best wishes


  • Hi,if your bleading is normal and not in clots then it should clear in10 days.I had exactly the same thing done on 17 Feb 2017 although did not have heavy bleeding.I have not had my results as yet.The surgery said to call hospital to check for results,though it could take 2 to 3 weeks.Hope this helps

  • Thank you I called the clinic today and they said the same I'm not bleeding heavy in fact its v light but continuous. Im just anxious but yes it has helped x

  • I am glad you called the clinic and that you are ok.

    Plz do not be anxious as it does not help.Try and

    share with family and friends,will make a big difference.

    I called the hospital today ref results,was told it could

    take 3 to 6 weeks and nothing would be given over the

    phone.I will receive a letter and if need would be given

    an appointment.

    Take care

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