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Advise please

Hi all I'm after some advise please.

So I haven't had a period for over 4 years due to the pill stopping them but in November I started to bleed and it's only stopped a week ago.

I went to the doctors in December and was given norethisterone for 10 days to stop the bleeding which they didn't. So I went back again was given them for a further 30 days and referred for an ultra scan.

The ultra scan revealed growths in my womb. I went to my doctor on Monday he was talking about surgery basically a hysterectomy but given I'm only 34 he wanted to do tests etc first.

Tuesday I went in for blood tests, smear and swabs.

During my smear and swabs the nurse called the doctor in saying my cervix looked pretty red and she wanted him to see.

They called me later that day saying the doctor wants me referred straight onto the hospital and not wait for my test results.

Hospital has called I'm booked in to see a gynaecologist in the endoscopy department on Tuesday.

I'm worried as all I'm hearing so far is not looking good. Im in quite a bit of pain and to be honest I just feel drained.

I'm at a loss what it may be with the growths and the red cervix. I'm just hoping I get some answers on Tuesday.

Just wondered if anyone else has had anything similar and what type of tests did they have to do, when do you find out the results and what was it.

I'm grateful for any help or advise thank you.

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Hey, I am so sorry for your pain! I haven't been through anything like that!!