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Hi Ladies, please can you help me?. I have had extremely heavy periods, clotting for more than ten years. I was taking Tranexamic acid pills to keep it under control. The past eight months have been challenging. I found out I have four large fibroids. I under went Thermal ablation, this did not help one bit. My gynecologist does not want me to have a hysterectomy ( I am overweight, and I'm 50 in a few weeks, he thinks I will be going through the menopause shortly). I was given Norethisterone pills to stop the bleeding, which it did. Then my doctor stopped me from taking them as there was a high risk of me having a stroke. This resulted in me collapsing at home through severe menstrual bleeding and was rushed to hospital last August. So six months ago I went onto have Prostrap synthetic hormone injections along with a pill to stop the side effects Tibolone. I am also continuing to take Norethisterone, I cannot manage without it. I did try to cut them down from 2 pills per day to , however the bleeding clots began again within 2 days. I am due to see my consultant again at the end of this week. My own GP suggested Emoblisation??? My question is have any of you had this procedure to tie off your fibroids? Any information you have to assist me will be so welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay.

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I suffered with very heavy bleeding after I started taking Warfarin following a pulmonary embolism. It got to the stage where I was using the biggest tampon and a towel but still having to change every hour. Due to taking warfarin I cannot take Tranexamic acid or anything like that.

I too am overwieght and 50, everyone is surprised that I'm still having periods (like I'm some kind ofreak!). I had a Jaydess coil fitted by my GP at the time but they didn't fit it correctly. I moved areas and my new GP referred me to a gynaecologist to discuss options. I went down the route of having a hysteroscopy and a Mirena coil. Life has turned aroun! I still have bleeding but it is so little that I only use a liner (as I do every day).

Hope this is informative and you get the help you need :)


Thank you Alison for your reply. I forgot that I also have the Mirena coil and was also on the pill for a while too. The menopause/ fibroids etc have a lot to answer too!!!! I now need some answers and some treatment. Cheers you have been most helpful :-)


I had 2 embolizations for multiple fibroids. The first one kind of seemed to work but then either they grew back or new ones grew. The second one was interrupted by the surgeon because she couldn't access the Uterus from the previous arteries because they had grown almost closed after the last surgery.

After that they continured to grow. Now I'm considering hysterectomy.

Afterwards, I read that embolizations work better for 1 fibroid over multiple. I think they work for some people but not all.

I felt that the radiologist didn't talk much about the options of it being non-successful.

Still, it's such a minor intervention that I would try it before considering any slicing surgery.

Talk to many docs!

Good luck!

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Thank you x


Hello, I'm 57, not gone through the menopause yet - 3 or 4yrs ago, I began having terribly heavy periods, with clots, flooding, etc. I had tests at the hospitals, was told I'd got thickening of the womb lining, and 2 fibroids. It has been like that, on and off, ever since. I've had Tranexamic Acid, plus Norethisterone, neither of which worked, and a Mirena coil (I found that so painful and horrible, I had it taken out after 2 weeks).

I'm now on PROVERA tablets, 2 a day, and have been on them for 4 months now, with no period at all since. Nobody has suggested I need treatment for the fibroids. I've just had (yesterday) a Hysteroscopy, for the 5th time in 3-4 years. I found that to be extremely painful, but it was over with in minutes.

Perhaps ask your doctor about Provera?


Thank you for all your advice. I will ask about Provera.


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