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9 weeks post op

Hi all, just wanting a little advice from you lovely ladies.

I am 9 weeks post op and wondering if any of you lost interest in sex after your operation. I have always been the opposite.

This really leaves me in dispair as I feel like less of a woman. I tried and feel nothing nor did I have an orgasm.

I am having hot sweats both during the day and at night and I'm wondering if hrt would rectify my problems?

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It's a common menopausal symptom, along with the sweats. You might also be a bit anxious about the surgery site and pain. HRT may well help. If you've had your ovaries removed the lack of oestrogen will cause your symptoms. Talk to your GP about your options - there are lots! My sex life is better post op than it was before! 😉 I couldn't cope without HRT but I was already on it before the op. Such a relief to drop the progesterone and have oestrogen only patches. Good luck, don't give up, we need those endorphins! X


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