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Pink blood

Hello everyone,

Had my hysterectomy performed laparascopically on Dec 2nd, retaining ovaries.

Have had a brown/dark red discharge since the end of week 2, which I assumed was internal stitches dissolving. Has been present for 6 days as of today,

I was struggling to pass a bowel movement and strained a little. There was a strange sound and then bright pink blood when I wiped. It wasn't a lot but I remember being warned to watch out for pink blood.

Does anyone know whether I should be seeking help now or only if it becomes heavier?

I'm struggling to get help from the hospital. No discharge letter and struggling to get anyone to arrange my follow up appointment - surgeon's secretary says it's the wards job, the ward says its down to the secretary...

Had my hysterectomy because the surgeon said he was 99.9% certain following diagnostic lap that my main problem was adenomyosis, but spoke to my GP and asked if they'd had pathology results, apparently no adeno present,

Confused and worried.

Any advice on bleeding would be great!


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Hello mylady77 😊

Sorry to hear of your worries. Pink blood (meaning it's fresh I suppose?) can be a cause for concern, but I suppose it depends upon the quantity. Could you speak to your GP or practice nurse? Be insistent on the phone, say not you'll be wanting a home visit if they don't phone you back. 😕 However, I still bled up to 8 weeks, especially if I had overdone it, too much walking etc so if it's just a few spots that is probably ok.

Straining to pass a bowel movement best avoided, my consultant was most insistent on this, I used lactulose twice a day and fybogel as well if needed. I also ate loads of fruit and had tinned prunes every breakfast.

Remember you are only 3 weeks post op, I think they suggest 6 weeks healing time for laparoscopic? I was a full three months for abdominal and still get the odd twinge and mine was August. 😊

Take care, and very best wishes 😊

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Thank you very much for your reply. It's really put my mind at rest!

Have some lactulose which I took for the first few days following op. I'll start taking them again today.

Bleeding seems to be easing off so as long as it doesn't get worse I'll not worry too much.

Hope you have a happy Christmas and thanks again!


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I was told Lactulose twice a day for 6 weeks!!! It's very gentle 😊 Glad you are feeling a little reassured 😊 Have a lovely Christmas yourself 😊❤😊


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